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Things We Saw Today: Hit The Green With This Batmobile Golf Cart

Things We Saw Today

Who needs skill when you can rely on intimidating your friends with your badass golf cart? (via Reddit.)

  • Speaking of Geekosystem, they have a mathematical interview with Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time, up on there site: check it out!

Why yes, that is Sailor Moon redesigned as Sailor Batgirl — if only she replaced Sailor Pluto in the new series…(via Ten Cent Ticker and Kate Leth.)

  • Apparently the Olympic torch’s flame was extinguished by water…the obvious result when you take it whitewater rafting. (via Sportsgrid.)
  • Ouya, a novel, inexpensive gaming console that endeavors to give developers more freedom to make the games they want is looking for funding.

Remember this Sega Master System Girl system? Neither do I, but it sure is cute. (via VG Junk.)

  • A German mayor has designated less difficult parking places for women to use, because we’re all so bad at driving apparently. Jerk. (via The Frisky.)

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