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Things We Saw Today: Batmanopause: The Dark Night Sweats

Things We Saw Today


This poster was evidently spotted on the wall of a teaching hospital. (I Heart Chaos)

Our sister site The Jane Dough found this picture of LeBron James reading The Hunger Games and are now feverishly speculating about whether he’s Team Gale or Team Peeta. We’ve put in our vote for Team Katniss.

  • DC has gone back on co-publisher Dan Didio’s statements of last year that the New 52 would only contain original gay characters and would not be revealing that characters that appeared as straight in the pre-52 DC universe would not be revealed to be gay. Apparently, DC is loosening that mandate to mean that there will be some familiar characters that are newly gay in the New 52… but only when they’re introduced from the get-go as gay. To that point, DC is about to announce that they will be reintroducing a previously existing character as gay and it will make the character among the most prominent gay characters in their setting. So, the question is, who was straight in the pre-52 who hasn’t been introduced yet, and is prominent? (Bleeding Cool)
  • Meanwhile, Marvel comics has a secret announcement of their own, which they’re going to debut on The View tomorrow. All money is on the announcement of the nuptials of Northstar and his boyfriend Kyle. (Newsarama)

Pop Candy says: “Pop quiz: Which Betty White in this photo is real, and which one contains thousands of calories?” And I answer: “Well, technically, they both contain thousands of calories.” (Yes, it’s a cake.)

Guys. GUYS. 3-D cookies. Guys. (Nordicware)

Here are some shoes you can put on your Boba Feet. (Fashionably Geek)

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