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Things We Saw Today: Samuel L. Jackson on What Marvel Gets That DC Doesn’t

Hey, we didn't make it about Marvel vs. DC this time.

Short answer: Samuel L. Jackson. Marvel gets that people love Samuel L. Jackson. (via MTV)

  • Hey, we finally have something to combat those embarrassing, Tumblr-worthy depictions of women in stock photos! It’s an entire stock photo line dedicated to positive depictions of women.
  • Here’s an excellent Twitter rant on how women are portrayed in movies in case you’re just too tired to launch into your own today. (via io9)

Now Darth Vader can find everyone’s lack of faith equally disturbing.


This rad stegosaurus necklace is just one in a huge line of geeky jewelry from twins Tara and Courtney Neray of Slashpile designs.

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