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Things We Saw Today: Batarang Yourself One of These Limited Edition Batman Necklaces

I am vengeance! I am the night! I am shiny!


From the jewelry designers who brought you the sterling silver Green Lantern rings and Batman logo earrings comes this: limited edition, officially Warner Brothers-licensed, silver Batman necklaces in honor of the caped crusader’s 75th anniversary. Dang, Guild Jewelry. You all outdid yourself with these.


Sure, Fashionably Geek, you can tell me that this is a dedicated cosplayer known as Galacticat who created a stunning facsimile of the woman worth her weight in sapphires (even if Tarth doesn’t actually have those), but my eyes know better. That’s the real Brienne right there. Anything less is lies and slander.


From Uproxx, you can now buy Back to the Future style sneakers with USB ports in them from this Halloween costume website. Sure, they won’t tie themselves, but you’ll be able to charge them on your laptop! That’s cool, right? C’mon, these shoes just want you to love them.

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