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Things We Saw Today: History’s Sassiest Raptors

We do move in herds!


These dino stickers are only $2 on Storenvy. I would spare no expense.

  • Netflix’s Marco Polo series is actually happening, has a release date, photos, and the promise of “political skullduggery.” (via A.V. Club)
  • New study reveals possible “sleep drunkenness” disorder, shows that 8% of respondents believe they have an episode at least once a week. (via Jezebel)


Look familiar? Garden of Imagination has hand-painted these $54.99 shoes so your feet can cosplay as Anna, even if the rest of you wants to stay out of Arendelle. (via Fashionably Geek)

  • Youtube comedians Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart will host the Streamy Awards on September 7th. (via Deadline)
  • Is a generation gap changing the fandoms we see at cons? (via The Daily Dot)


Get the tools to build a bread panda friend of your very own over on JBox. Now I will never be alone. (via Laughing Squid)

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