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Things We Saw Today: Debbie Harry is Jean Grey

Things We Saw Today

Badass. Someone sent this other rock star superhero series my way after we posted the Super Rockers yesterday. (art by James Zark via Bendis

  • Strong Female Character: The 30 Most Badass Ladies In Geekdom. (via Geeks OUT!)
  • Chris Sims at ComicsAlliance dives into the David Goyer/She-Hulk controversy we brought you last week.
  • Actor J.K. Simmons is talking/not-talking about the new Terminator film. (via Empire)

Tomorrow is your last day to enter Her Universe’s contest for a complete set of their new R2-D2 jewelry line.

  • Here’s a blast from my past, SDCC 2010, the “Geek Girls Exist” panel with Kristin Rielly, Bonnie Burton, Kiala Kazebee, Morgan Romine, Kari Byron, Veronica Belmont, Sarah Kuhn, Marian Call, and myself! (via RiellyGeek)
  • A synopsis is now available for Pixar’s Inside Out, which we previously posted about here. (via /Film)
  • Jezebel writes, “A restaurant owner in West Virginia responded to a customer’s complaint that servers should ‘show more skin’ in the absolute best possible way—by showing a photo of potato skins on their Facebook page and offering a special to benefit rape victims.”

And finally…

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