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Things We Saw Today: A Ring Befitting Any Starfleet Officer

Things We Saw Today

One of silversmith Austin Moore’s many geeky rings. BioShock, Doctor Who, and The Legend of Zelda are all well represented in his online shop. (via Neatorama)

  • The Star Wars: Episode VII rumor mill keeps on turnin’. The current gossip says at least two more female cast members will be revealed, but take that with a grain of salt. (via Screen Rant)
  • Amy Adams will be starring in a film adaptation of Ted Chiang’s award-winning short story “Story Of Your Life.” Adams will play a military linguist attempting to communicate with alien invaders. (via Variety)

The most popular names given to Commander Shepard. I admit, I’ve played a Kate as well. My “canon” Shep, however, is Zoe. (via BioWare)

  • An essay on the first female astronauts in science fiction. (via io9)
  • Pop culture versus the reality of Israel’s female soldiers. (via PolicyMic)

Dork Tower cartoonist John Kovalic couldn’t help but notice that his five-year-old daughter’s copy of Captain Action Cat had an ad that wasn’t exactly kid friendly. This was his solution. (via Bleeding Cool)

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