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Things We Saw Today: You Must Be Security Level 7 To View This Agents of SHIELD Comic Con Teaser Poster

Things We Saw Today

As you wait for the San Diego Comic Con Agents of SHIELD panel on Friday, enjoy this new image, which gives away just about as much as the word “classified” would lead us to believe. By the way, did you see the SHIELD featurette we posted earlier today?(via SuperHero Hype)

  • The Frisky restores our faith in humanity with a video showing that kids can’t even pick up on what some people had so much trouble with in the mixed-race family Cheerios commercial.
  • Chef Chris Cosentino is writing an issue of Wolverine. I expect tips on how to use adamantium claws to properly prepare offal. (via The Braiser)
  • Check out Forever 21 and Marvel teaming up for a super marvel swimsuit and more. (via Styleite)

Everyone wants to be the lead singer in Amy Mebberson‘s new Disney Princesses print, except for Merida. Merida plays backup lyre. The lithograph print above, “Singalong,” and other prints by Mebberson will be available exclusively at Comic Con.  Plus, James Silvani also has exclusive work to offer. (via Acme Databank)

  • Inspired by Geeks OUT’s Ender’s Game boycott, Think Progress has “Five Movies You Should Support In Addition To–Or Instead Of–Ender’s Game.
  • Think Progress’s Alyssa Rosenberg has also outlined basic Comic Con etiquette for Wired, a must read for those of you gearing up for Comic Con.

Bryan Singer tweeted this photo of Lucas Till on the set of X-Men: Days of Future Past yesterday. So apparently we can add Havok to the list of returning characters from X-Men: First Class. (via Collider, Bryan Singer Twitter)

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