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Things We Saw Today: Exclusive First Look at Supurbia #5

Things We Saw Today

Courtesy of BOOM Studios!, here’s a sneak peek of Grace Randolph‘s upcoming Supurbia #5.

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“It’s summertime in SUPURBIA! Dion and Jeremy take Eli and Zari on a vacation as Tia attempts to rescue Batu from Mongolia, her first superhero excursion after coming out of retirement…Hector’s dark magic slowly begins to take hold of Sara as her burgeoning friendship with Hella takes her down a dark path…Eve joins Robbie as he heads to the annual Superhero & Weapons Expo, but will Ruth’s devious plan throw a wrench into the works? The superhero soap continues, only in SUPURBIA!”

Author(s): Grace Randolph

Artist(s): Russell Dauterman

Cover Artist(s): A: Stephane Roux B: Russell Dauterman

Hit the jump for another exclusive image.

  • Andrew WK and Lil Bub ask people to donate to their local animal shelters this holiday season, via The Frisky. Well, Andrew WK does the asking. Lil Bub mostly licks cookies and makes adorable sounds.
  • Wired’s Rhett Allain breaks down how many fish Gollum needs to eat and how he can see in the dark when he’s hanging out underneath the Misty Mountains having quality bonding time with the One Ring.‘s piece on what went into painting the 150-foot-tall The Hobbit poster on the side of a New York City building is a great read for anyone who, like myself, has ever wondered how the heck they make those things.

Among the items in this Star Wars collection being sold for $35,000 on Craigslist: A life-size statue of Han Solo in carbonite, a pinball machine, and nearly 100 mint on card vintage action figures. What, no rocket-firing Boba Fett? (via Kotaku)

  • Christopher Nolan on a possible Batman cameo in Man of Steel: “I can’t talk about that. You know that.” Alllllrighty then. (via /Film)

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