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Things We Saw Today: May the Dwarves Be With You

Things We Saw Today

Two franchises. One t-shirt. (GeekAlerts)

Via Poorly Dressed (which I take objection to, as I love a good pun-based cosplay), here’s Iron Man. Literally.

  • Say you’re a lady who wants to get some guy—friend, boyfriend, brother, whatever—into comics, but they’re just not feeling it. Lucky for you, DC Women Kicking Ass has assembled (ba-doom-tiss) this handy list of Five Titles to Get a Dude into Comics.
  • Remember how scientists said that the Curiosity rover found something “earthshaking”? A NASA spokesperson has since downgraded “earthshaking” to “interesting.” *sigh*  At least they’ve let us down easy. (BoingBoing)

Via Neatorama, “even little lizards need someone to look up to (and maybe a nice warm keyboard to lie on).”

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