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Things We Saw Today: Steven Moffat Deleted His Twitter Account

Things We Saw Today

Sometime in the night, while most of us were watching Doctor Who’s second episode of the season, “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,” show runner Steven Moffat deleted his twitter account. Navigating to @steven_moffat loads the image above. This is a developing story but in recent days, Moffat appeared to be having issues with Twitter users. He wrote, “Forgive my ignorance – is there a way to limit who can follow you and Tweet you?” In an effort to explain the situation, his wife, producer Sue Vertue, tweeted, “For all asking @stevenmoffat is well and currently having a family lunch but he’s got a huge amount on and twitter was proving a distraction.” And then realizing she hadn’t written his deleted username properly, added, “Obviously the new @stevenmoffat is an imposter and not The Moff. It’s just these sort of idiots that ruin Twitter for the majority of users.” It was actually an old, fake account, but there you go. 

  • In other Moffat news, S.E. Smith at ThinkProgress writes, “Steven Moffat, I’m Over Your Lady Issues.” Spoilers for the first episode of the season.
  • The Frisky highlights a new website called Stop Objectification. Users are encouraged to post a photo of one of their body parts with “a caption that let’s the world know what makes you more.”

Why is Tom Hiddleston wearing a particularly epic mustache? Find out more about Project Wendy on the We Love Fine tumblr.

  • Last month we told you Marvel was getting sued by a German luggage company over their Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One — Avengers Assembled Box Set packaging. Well the Marvel tumblr has their official statement for everyone wondering when this thing is actually going to come out. It’s now scheduled to ship Spring 2013, “The Collection will come in a new briefcase and include even more than the content and features that we had first advertised.”
  • Professor Lupin, aka David Thewlis, has joined the cast of Red 2! (via The Hollywood Reporter)

Why yes, that is R2-D2 luggage. GIMME! Created by Salvador Bachiller and 20% off right now. (via Gizmodo)

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