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The Science of the NBA


Though you may turn up your nose at the very thought of basketball, and would much rather dive into things that piss off Alan Moore, or control a robot made in 2012 with a 1983 computer, the NBA playoffs are in full swing, and wouldn’t you know it, there’s a bunch of science going on.

Blake Griffin: First, we have this concise video explaining how Kia spokesman and Los Angeles Clipper Blake Griffin turns people into posters. Parabolic trajectory is involved. The video below can certainly explain it better than I can.

Jeremy Lin: Next up, we have two month superstar Jeremy Lin, who rose to meteoric fame by helping the tortured New York Knicks win a handful of games in an extremely exciting manner. Below, we have a video teaching us about Lin’s acceleration, as well as his dizzying spins, and release angles on his shot.

Kevin Love: Finally, we have fantasy basketball and Minnesota Timberwolves superstar and Kevin Love. The below video delves into his prolific rebounding ability, attributing it to his proficiency at boxing out opposing players. To prove this, a sumo wrestler joins the fun and Kevin Love boxes him out. Yeah, that was foul. Also, math.

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