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The Right Movie Took Home the Best Picture Award at the Oscars

The Best Picture winner is the big award of the night. You get a slot in the Kodak Theatre for the rest of time and it is the last thing that people remember when the ceremony has ended. And this year, the right movie won! As we all waited with baited breath, Harrison Ford announced that Everything Everywhere All At Once was the Best Picture winner for the 2023 Academy Awards and it was just the perfect way to end the night.

After being the big winner of the night in most of the categories it was nominated in, seeing Everything Everywhere All At Once take home the Best Picture win just made sense. And it was the most deserved as well! Yes, there were plenty of movies in the Best Picture category that are great movies but there is just something so beautiful and unique about Everything Everywhere All At Once that really did make this one of those wins where you stand up and cheer for them.

Yes, all of the speeches of the night were emotional. Ke Huy Quan winning was the return to acting that he deserved and Michelle Yeoh’s historic win brought tears to our eyes. And so seeing the big award of the night go to the team behind Everything Everywhere All At Once was just the best conclusion to the night.

A Best Picture winner I love to rewatch

I am someone who loves watching as many of the Oscar nominated movies as possible but I often don’t want to rewatch some of the movies nominated. In a lot of cases, I watch the Best Picture nominees one time and then I’m done with them. With Everything Everywhere All At Once, that’s far from the case. I constantly want to rewatch it because it is genuinely so good. And you just keep finding more and more things to love about it.

It’s just one of those movies that really works and so this win is, at least for me, one of the few times where I’m ready to rewatch the Best Picture winner right now. And seeing this cast and crew take to the stage and take home the big prize of the night was just really emotional because it was so deserved.

So for one of the few times it has happened, this is a Best Picture winner that we’ll rewatch whenever we want. Because it’s just such a perfect example of cinema working and being a brilliant look into characters, art, and understanding. And now, it is our Best Picture winner!

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