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Oscar Predictions: Give Glenn Close Her Oscar

Everyone I want to win isn't going to because this award season has been a dumpster fire and nothing makes sense (except Glenn Close).

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Bret Easton Ellis Joins Chorus of White Men Offering Unsolicited Opinions About Black Panther

Nobody asked you, buddy.

Bret Easton Ellis wants you to know that he thinks Black Panther is overrated and doesn't deserve an Oscar nomination for Best Picture.

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Let Emily Blunt Sing at the Oscars You Cowards

Every year, the Oscars typically give us a look at the Best Songs in a more fun way than other categories: live performances! But since they couldn't get their stuff together to get a host who hasn't offended millions of people (because did they even look at women for this position?), they're trying to keep the runtime of the whole ceremony to a minimum.

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I Will Scream About Oscar Snubs All Day Everyday

Nominate I, Tonya every year.

Did the Academy nominating committee watch the same movies I did? Or do I just have better taste than the Oscars? Sure, every year there are Oscar snubs. Last year, I complained because Sebastian Stan as Jeff Gillooly was right there and no one cared but this year, it seems that all taste has been thrown out the window and people just FORGOT what movies were good last year.

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Avengers, Save Us From a Hostless Oscars Ceremony!

Just gimme Bucky.

Avengers: ASSEMBLE!!!!! It's time you save Earth from its greatest threat yet: a hostless night at the Oscars! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the rumors are that the Avengers may be joining together to host the Academy Awards this year. Which...that doesn't seem like a bad idea at all since it isn't like there are a million and one ways Mark Ruffalo can spoil it?

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Which Is a Worse Job: Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff or Oscars Host?

All in all, both jobs seem like punishment at this point.

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The TMS Staff Talks Who We Want To Take Over as the Oscar Host For 2019

Gritty! Gritty!

Naturally, we at The Mary Sue have some serious opinions on this matter.

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GLAAD Responds to Kevin Hart’s Oscars Ousting: He “Shouldn’t Have Stepped Down; He Should Have Stepped Up”

Though that presumes he had it in him to do so.

Following Kevin Hart's 24-hour whirlwind from being announced as the host of the 2019 Oscars to stepping down over homophobic tweets and standup bits, GLAAD has offered a response, saying they wish he had turned this into a "teachable moment."

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Kevin Hart Steps Down as Oscar Host After Academy Ultimatum

Well, looks like we'll get a new host this year.

Maybe Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh will wow us so much at the Golden Globes that they'll get tapped for the big show?

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I’m Not Here For Takes About Why Blockbusters Don’t Deserve Oscars

Just stop, please.

Instead of just honoring the ones we deem to be appropriately Oscar-y enough, we should actually take a serious look at what films and performances demand recognition.

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Academy Awards Introduces New Category Just So They Won’t Have to Nominate Superhero Films for Best Picture

We see exactly why you are doing this, Oscars.

In today's "why is this something that needs to happen" entertainment news, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the Academy Awards are now adding in a category of "outstanding achievement in popular film," because they really would rather increase an overly long telecast and risk frustrating viewers more rather than let Black Panther, or any Marvel film for that matter, be nominated for Best Picture. 

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When an Immigrant, a Black Man, and a Woman are Nominated for Best Director, Everyone Wins

Well, not really, but still...

Guillermo del Toro won the Academy Award for Best Director for his film, The Shape of Water, which also won Best Picture. it is a gorgeous and unique fairy tale. While I totally enjoyed that movie, I was pulling for someone else in the director's race specifically. Still, I'm trying to remember the fact that this unique crop of nominees is pretty astounding in the first place.

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Opening Oscars Monologue Dives Head-First Into Politics and Is More Awesome for It

People often think that being "too political" will make things uncomfortable. But this is the 90th Academy Awards. It's already a historic night. What better place to celebrate so many women and people of color making history. Not to mention a historic culture shift in entertainment. Check out host Jimmy Kimmel's opening monologue after the jump.

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Would Jordan Peele Actually Make a Sequel to Get Out?

Jordan Peele has been riding high with his Oscar nominations for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Picture this year. But even as he goes on to work on other projects, it seems as if he might not be ready to leave the Sunken Place entirely behind just yet.

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Can We Really Consider James Franco’s Lack of an Oscar Nom a “Snub?”

When the nominations for the Oscars were revealed, one name people found missing was James Franco for The Disaster Artist. Franco had previously won a Golden Globe for his role in the performance, but when articles were released lambasting him for his hypocrisy for wearing a #TimesUp pin, while having allegations in the past of behaving inappropriately around younger women.

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Casey Affleck Makes Smartest Decision of His Life, Withdraws From Attending the Oscars

As last year's Best Actor winner at the Oscars, Casey Affleck was up to present the award to this year's Best Actress, which rightfully had many people concerned in this moment of #MeToo. Thankfully, Affleck had the good sense to withdraw from the ceremony entirely.

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Hattie McDaniel Biopic Is in the Works—Someone Better Give Gabourey Sidibe a Call

In 1940 Hattie McDaniel became the first black actor to win an Academy Award for her role of Mammy in the iconic film, Gone With the Wind and her story will be brought to the big screen in an upcoming biopic.

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The Post Is Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, & Meryl Streep’s Anti-Trumpism Oscar Bait Love Letter to the Free Press

This is a film about an administration feeding lies to the American public and attempting to censor the journalists reporting on those lies. Hmm, sound familiar?

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There’s a Petition to Ban Casey Affleck From the 2018 Oscars

Director Cameron Bossert has kicked off a petition to ban accused sexual harasser Casey Affleck from the 2018 Academy Awards, writing that "presenting an award at the Oscars is an honor that [he] does not deserve."

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Motion Picture Academy Expels Harvey Weinstein, But What About All the Other Predators in the Industry?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has officially expelled Harvey Weinstein from the Academy. But if they really want to reject "shameful complicity in sexually predatory behavior and workplace harassment," they need an action plan for dealing with harassers and abusers going forward.

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