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Ke Huy Quan Won Best Supporting Actor, And We’re Crying for Joy

Ke Huy Quan winning an Oscar!

The time has come! Finally, we can say that Ke Huy Quan is an Academy Award winner!!!! “This is the American Dream,” he said as he took to the stage. “Keep your dreams alive,” he added, pointing straight to the camera. It was so indicative of the award season he’s been having.

Seeing Ke Huy Quan take home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in a Film for his work as Waymond Wang in Everything Everywhere All At Once was emotional. Not only has he been so wholesome throughout the entire award season, but also seeing him back in action was a long time coming.

Now, he’s finally taken home the big prize. The win feels like such a gift to everyone who has been wanting Quan to succeed—as well as a gift for him, of course. He’s been grateful for all the love and praise we’ve given him throughout the last year. We’ve missed him so much! This is just one of the best speeches around. He got a standing ovation because we know how hard he’s fought for this. We know how brilliant he is.

Quan’s comeback is long overdue

Ke Huy Quan has been around since the 80s. His work has, in a lot of ways, shaped many film lovers and means so much to his fans. From Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, to his role as Data in The Goonies, seeing Quan shine has been the highlight of this award season. And so, the moment he finally won, it just felt like everything was leading to this.

What’s so amazing about this win is that it is just the start of Quan’s return to the world of acting. He’s already going to be back in things like American Born Chinese and Loki. And I hope that it doesn’t stop there. I want him to be in everything that we missed him in for all these years. From now on, he’s always be Academy Award Winner Ke Huy Quan.

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