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The Pepperoni Threepeat: The Turducken of Frozen Pizza Rolls

We have a long history of excellent reportage on various and sundry disgusting and or dubious culinary abominations, so we couldn’t let this one slide without drawing your attention to it.

Gregory Ng of Freezer Burns calls it the Pepperoni Threepeat, and it consists of twenty-four pepperoni pizza rolls stuffed inside two pepperoni pizza Hot Pockets, all rolled up in a DiGiorno Pepperoni Pizza and baked for half an hour.  All told, the meal comes to more than 3,000 calories, more than 100 grams of fat, and more than 8,000 mgs of sodium (about 400% of your daily recommended). We suggest you share, if you can find someone else similar culinary cojones to your own.

(via Urlesque.)

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