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Thanks, Japan America: Candwich, the Canned Sandwich


No, this is not a Japanese product, but it has a bizarre, All-American backstory: A fellow by the name of Travis L. Wright, who allegedly defrauded real estate investors out of millions to develop, among other things, sandwiches in a can. Now, his brainchild is ready to see the light of day: America, meet the Candwich, which is (drumroll) a sandwich in a can.

The Candwich comes in three flavors: Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jam, Peanut Butter & Grape Jam, and BBQ Chicken. Intriguingly, the yellow circle on the can promises a “candy surprise inside.” The Candwich website touts the canned sandwich as a “new & innovative sandwich product for grab-and-go convenience,” “quick & tasty ready to eat,” and a fine way to “capture a share of the growing consumer market for convenience food products.” And students, campers, soccer moms, and construction workers can all enjoy it! Also, they’re great to stock up on “in the event of natural disasters.”

“But I want to eat pepperoni pizza and/or french toast in a can too!” you protest. Don’t fret: The fine people of Mark One Foods are reportedly working on those, although it’s unknown if they too will include candy surprises.

Alas, if you’re presently salivating with anticipation at the prospect of eating a sandwich in a can, you’re going to have to wait: Candwiches aren’t scheduled to hit shelves until later this year.

(Eater via BuzzFeed)

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