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The Original Song Behind the ‘Kermie’ Meme is Actually Pretty Devastating


The famous Sad Kermit meme, as knit by Finnish artist Pinja Savolainen.

If you’re on Instagram or TikTok in any capacity, you’ve probably heard or seen the meme of a borzoi-type dog (any dog with a long, long nose) singing in a Miss Piggy voice. The dog will give you a pitiful stare and then ask, “nnnNNN didn’t I dooo it for ewe? Kermie?”

And if you’re annoyed by this poor little dog by now, I don’t blame you. He’s everywhere, with his big ol’ eyes and sad ol’ voice. Where I’m personally baffled is how this meme completely flipped what, two months ago, was the go-to song for all the girlies with emotional baggage. (I’m raising my hand, by the way, the girly is me.)

The original song is “cellophane” by FKA twigs, and it’s a breakup song about her relationship with Robert Pattinson. Although the context is something most people probably don’t relate to—the stresses of living in a highly publicized relationship and feeling even more vulnerable as a result—twigs’ talents as a songwriter truly shine in how she conveys her feelings in this song. It’s an absolutely devastating song that doesn’t use generics in order to make you feel. It all comes from the heart with painful earnestness.

It’s just so funny to me that, not so long ago, this song was sort of a meme, but mostly amongst women in their twenties who’ve gotten their shit rocked by some fool (other hand is raised now, wassup). Just like with Mitski, it was a joke that if you saw your friend listening to “cellophane” on Spotify, you should probably give them a call, because they were going through it. I once had “cellophane” playing while picking up a friend, and they just gave me a look. I knew I’d have to explain all night that I was doing just fine. It’s about the catharsis, babes.

“Didn’t I do it for you? Why don’t you do it for me?” Ugh. Oof. Yowch.

Honestly though, I think adding humor to a sad song is just another way of showing it love. An old friend and I used to sing Hole songs in a baby voice, just for the fun of it—as though we were never angry teenage girls who’d cry in the shower while listening to “Doll Parts.”

I kind of love this meme for softening the blow for us. Now, whenever I’m in my feels and need to listen to “cellophane,” it won’t hit quite as hard. I played it this morning, just to see how it felt, and I just enjoyed it like any other song. Of course, I laughed a little bit, because I couldn’t help but sing the song like Miss Piggy. It’s like when you’re driving and see a “ROAD WORK” sign, and you can’t help but say, “Uh, yeah, I sure HOPE it does.” Bless this stupid ass meme, from the bottom of my heart.

(Featured Image: Pinja Savolainen)

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