Colin and Penelope in Bridgerton season 3.

All Anyone Can Talk About Is the ‘Bridgerton’ Mirror Scene

Colin and Penelope finally ending up together was the joy of season 3 of Bridgerton. While we were left with the carriage scene when the first half of the season dropped last month, the second half of the season included a scene fans were waiting for: the mirror scene.

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Colin and Penelope were friends growing up, so their love story is one that has taken a while to get to. More than that, Penelope needed the reassurance that Colin actually cared for her and this wasn’t some ploy or pity party for her. Their romance kicked off when Penelope asked Colin to kiss her so she’d know what it was like, and from then on, Colin was smitten with her.

That’s what led to their steamy carriage ride and Colin proposing to her, but the mirror scene really confirmed not only his love for her but where Penelope’s confidence was. After her mother is knocked down a few pegs from Colin yelling at her, Penelope and Colin run away to what will be their future home. As the two talk about what happened, Colin turns Penelope to stand in front of a mirror, where he tells her all the things he loves about her.

How her eyes look at him, how her hair falls, they’re all things he cannot get enough of, and it is exactly what Penelope needs to hear after years of feeling less than while out in society. It leads to the two having sex on a settee in the living area.

Something we all need to hear

One of the reasons I love Penelope so much is that I see myself in her. It’s not even just the writing aspect but in how she moves about the world. She’s strong and independent, but when she does show vulnerability with a man, her shell begins to crack, and she needs that validation from Colin. This scene works because Colin recognizes that and gives her what she needs in that moment.

We could have had the typical “let me show you how I feel about you” nonsense that exists in media, where a woman is being vulnerable about how she feels about her own body and a man simply ignores it to have sex with her and show her that way, but Colin doesn’t do that. He tells her everything he loves about her, and it is then Penelope who turns around and makes the first move by kissing him.

That scene could have fallen into the age old trap of a man showing his love by passionately kissing a woman and having sex with her, but instead, Penelope had the power, and it all stemmed from Colin being honest with her. That, to me, is why we cannot get enough of this scene.

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