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The Hunger Games Just Got Exponentially More Awesome, Has Cast Julianne Moore In Mockingjay


But who will she play? Head behind the cut for details. Warning: Those details will include major spoilers for the rest of the Hunger Games movies, so don’t click if you haven’t read.

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As previously rumored, Julianne Moore will play Alma Coin, the President of District 13 and leader of the revolution against the Capitol. She seems like an OK person when she’s first introduced, if one with something of an abrasive personality. And maybe she’s willing to make some questionable choices if doing so will speed along the President Snow’s defeat, but hey, war is morally complicated. As the book goes on, however, she’s revealed as one of Katniss’ primary antagonists.

I love female villains, and I think Moore is a great choice for this particular one. She doesn’t tend to go for the villain roles, and Coin doesn’t seem particularly evil, at least not at first. The end result is that the full extent of her power-hungry, manipulative ways, when revealed, is that much more shocking.

And Moore playing that role? Screw it, it’s Friday, let’s have a gif party:

Yes, in case you were wondering, “pirouetting squirrel” is absolutely an emotion.

(via: Deadline)

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