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‘The Eminence in Shadow’ Season 2, Episode 5 Release Date Confirmed

The Eminence in Shadow is a popular series of Japanese light novels by mangaka Daisuke Aizawa, which got an anime adaptation back in October 2022. And now, season 2, episode 5 of The Eminence in Shadow just had its release date confirmed.

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Season 2 has been pretty intense so far. We last left off in episode 4 with a terrifying battle between the two companies—Major Corporate Alliance and Mitsugoshi Corporation. Shadow, the antihero leader of the Mitsugoshi Corporation, took on a disguise to fight against Gettan the Sword Devil. His plan is to use counterfeit money to disrupt Alpha’s finances.

It’s an exciting development in what has mostly been a decent anime show so far. Shadow seems to be playing 6D chess mind games while everyone else is struggling to pick up the pieces. I don’t know where this plot is heading, but it seems to be in capable hands as of now.

Season 2, episode 5 of The Eminence in Shadow will continue this conflict, resulting in even more narrative complications and deep layers to the mind game shenanigans. As of now, the episode will be released on Wednesday, November 1, in Japan at 10:30PM (JST).

What’s interesting is that Shadow Garden has grown impossibly huge. They have pretty much infinite money, some of the strongest, wealthiest members in their organization, plenty of advanced technology, overwhelming influence on monarchies in multiple countries, and own an entire private city that is pretty much impossible for anyone to find. It’s safe to say that Cid has gotten himself into some pretty high stakes that hopefully will have a payoff, eventually.

At this point, Cid’s ultimate goal is to introduce an economic depression through a series of clandestine operations. Our boy is probably going a little too hard on the whole capitalism thing, but we’ll see where it goes next.

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