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Breaking Down ‘Demon Slayer’s Wild Ending

Demon Slayer is ending?!

I won’t tolerate this! I intend to write a strongly worded email to the creators of the series enumerating all the ways I will slay them if I don’t get a fresh stack of Demon Slayer volumes on my desk by the end of the day. Because I am the Hashira of the Written Word, and I will use my written word to cut them to ribbons. The pen is mightier than the sword! But after that I’ll threaten them with a sword for good measure. I want more of the Hashira. I want more Nezuko. I want—nay, DEMAND—more demon Tanjiro! Demanjiro!

But before I set to composing my cutting words, I might as well tell you all about the “ending” of the series. I say “ending” because I fully expect my strongly worded email will put the fear of God and anime into them, and we’ll have more Demon Slayer content for as long as I draw hot, angry breath.

So how does Demon Slayer end?

As you well know, the true “ending” of Demon Slayer takes place after the final confrontation with the Demon King Muzan. The Demon King was defeated, but it was a seriously pyrrhic victory; Iguro and Kanroji died in each other’s arms. Not only that, but Tanjiro nearly transformed into a mindless demon himself, but was saved by the combined powers of the Hashira and his lil sister, Nezuko. However, the battle left Tanjiro seriously disfigured. His left arm and his right eye will never be the same.

While Tanjiro was recovering, Kiriya Ubuyashiki, the current leader of the Demon Slayers Corps, called a final Hashira meeting in order to disband the group. After Tanjiro recovers and has a few tearful reunions, he, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke head back to the Kamado family home, where they live out the rest of their days in peace.

And then … TIME JUMP!!!

Cut to: modern day Japan! Big city hustle and bustle! We find Zenitsu’s great-grandchild Yoshiteru reading a book called The Legend of Zenitsu, which chronicles the life of his electrically charged ancestor. He and his sister Toko discuss the idea of reincarnation, with Yoshiteru saying, “I believe that everyone who fought demons and died for a peaceful world was reborn into a happier life.” And guess what? They did! They were all reincarnated in the modern day, and are living out their days in demon-free peace.

Next we meet Kanata and Sumihiko Kamado, who are obviously the descendants of Kanao and Tanjiro, respectively. We get a cute little scene of Kanao trying to wake his brother from bed to get ready for school, but Sumihiko was not having it. Kanata ditches his brother and meets up with Yoshiteru and Toko, the great-grandchildren of Zenitsu and Nezuko, and the three walk to school together. As the finale progresses, we are introduced to all of the other Hashira descendants. As Kanata, Toko, and Yoshiteru walk to school, we get a glimpse of Shinobu, Tokito, Iguro, Kanroji, Uzui, Kanae, and Himejima’s spitting image reincarnations. Uzui’s reincarnation won a gold medal in gymnastics. Himejima’s became a kindergarten teacher. Tokito’s now has twin babies! Kanae and Shinobu’s descendants attended a prestigious women’s academy. And sweetest of all, Iguro and Kanroji’s reincarnations opened up a cute little diner together, fulfilling their past selves’ wish to live out their days together in the future.

Eventually Sumihiko wakes up and realizes that he will ruin his perfect attendance record if he is late for school. As he sprints out the door, we see even more reincarnations and descendants! Urokodaki and Kuwajima’s descendants sit together in a yard over a game of Shoji. Ubuyashiki’s descendant is mentioned on TV as Japan’s oldest living person, meaning the curse of a short life that his ancestors suffered was broken! The Shinazugawa siblings’ descendants became the buddy cop duo that their ancestors were always meant to be. Giyu, Sabito, and Makomo’s descendants all make cameo appearances, and eventually Sumihiko runs into the fiery-haired Tojuro, the reincarnation of Rengoku.

Meanwhile, Inosuke’s descendant Aoba Hashibira became a botanist and discovered the Blue Spider Lily, the flower that Muzan was seeking to gain immortality. And speaking of immortality, Yushiro is still alive! He is the last survivor of demonkind and spends his days painting celebrated works of art. Hell, even the swordsmith Haganezuka and Demon Slayer Corps small-timers like Murata and Goto had little cameos!

As Sumihiko and Tojuro continue running to school (while evading the Shinazugawa siblings who were giving chase because Sumihiko jumped on their patrol car), Tojuro tries to convince Sumihiko to join the kendo club. After all, sword fighting runs in their blood. The pair make it to school in the nick of time, but Sumihiko’s mom gets a phone call informing her of her kids’ misbehavior. As she talks on the phone, we see Tanjiro’s sword, his earrings, and a photo of all those who survived the battle against Muzan on display in her home. And then we all get misty eyed and have to go and cry.

Will Demon Slayer return?

Could there be another arc of Demon Slayer in the future? It’s possible. After all, Tanjiro and friends’ past lives all carry that warrior blood in their veins. It wouldn’t be unthinkable for the author to one-shot in a few surviving demons that the gang could face off against in the modern world. On second thought, maybe it’s better to let the series lie. After all, the idea that the descendants of the main characters are able to live out their lives in peace and prosperity makes their ancestors’ sacrifice all the more powerful. It also rings true of the real world. How many of us live comfortable lives because our ancestors were willing to fight and struggle for the safety and stability of their children and their children’s children?

Demon Slayer is essentially a story about the sacrifices that older generations make for newer ones. In light of that, perhaps I will stay my pen-blade and allow the creator of the series to live in peace. Not for me, but for my descendants, so that they will never have to send a strongly worded email in their happy lifetime.

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