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A Guide to Every ‘Demon Slayer’ Arc

Tanjiro looking devilish in 'Demon Slayer'

Someday I will destroy all the demons.

But right now the only demon I’m worried about is FORMATTING. Should I organize these Demon Slayer arcs into tables? Perhaps a bulleted list? Maybe I should create a powerpoint and then embed a link to it? I guess I could just use the same system that I used for this Chainsaw Man arc list, but where’s the originality in that?

I want to show you these arcs in some artistic, groundbreaking sort of way. In a way that’s provocative and grotesque, like the title art for Beef. It needs to be BOLD. NEW. AVANT GARDE. I’ll pull a Marina Abramović and sit in a chair in a museum, then nerds from around the world will flock to me for my anime knowledge and line up to sit across from me. When their turn arrives I will tell them all that they wish to know by tongue-clicking in morse code. Arc 1: The Final Section arc will be “click clack clicky click clop!”

This is too difficult. Instead, I’ll just give you a complete list of every Demon Slayer arc, with the relevant episodes and chapters—in release order:

  1. The Final Selection Arc
  • Chapters 1-9
  • Episodes 1-5
  1. The Kidnapper’s Bog Arc
  • Chapters 10-13
  • Episodes 6-7
  1. The Asakusa Arc
  • Chapters 14-19
  • Episodes 8-10
  1. The Tsuzumi Mansion Arc
  • Chapters 20-27
  • Episodes 11-14
  1. The Mount Natagumo Arc
  • Chapters 28-44
  • Episodes 15-21
  1. The Rehabilitation Training Arc
  • Chapters 45-53
  • Episodes 22-26
  1. The Mugen Train Arc
  • Chapters 54-69
  • Episodes 27-34
  1. The Entertainment District Arc
  • Chapters 70-97
  • Episodes 34-44
  1. The Swordsmith Village Arc
  • Chapters 98-127
  • TBA
  1. The Hashira Training Arc
  • Chapters 130-136
  • TBA
  1. The Infinity Castle Arc
  • Chapters 137-183
  • TBA
  1. The Sunrise Countdown Arc
  • Chapters 184-205
  • TBA

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