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Batman 3 Is The Dark Knight Rises

The LA Times‘ Hero Complex will be running an interview with Christopher Nolan later this morning, but before it went up, they have teased some very, very exciting Batman 3 news from it.

In a nutshell:

  • The movie will be called The Dark Knight Rises.
  • It will not be in 3D.
  • The Riddler will not be the main villain.

Nolan’s choice of a title would seem to dovetail right along with Nolan’s stated desire of bringing the story that began in The Dark Knight to a close, and it’s nice to see that he managed to browbeat Warner Bros. into not bombarding us with 3D options, but the real reason you clicked behind this cut was to hear about the Riddler, right?

Yeah, you know it was.

The news that the Riddler will not be the main villain does not surprise this Batman snob, but then I’ve been hoping that that was the case for months. It’s nice to see Nolan quell the substantial fan frenzy that’s been going on ever since a studio casting grid surfaced with the Riddler’s name on it.  It allows us to step back, relax a bit, and let our imaginations run wild, combing the rest of the wonderfully diverse rogues gallery.

Of course, my first pick is a bespectacled nebbish with a bloodthirsty puppet mob boss on the end of his arm, but I might also be open to the sexy daughter of an immortal megalomaniac, or even someone who might be mistaken for a Captain America villain (as long as he’s Roman Sionis, not Jeremiah Arkham.  Seriously).

Let the speculation begin anew.

(via Comic Book Resources.)

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