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The ‘Bluey’ Minisodes Are Here! These Are Our 5 Favorites

Bluey recently gave fans a treat with new minisodes! They take us into the lives of Bluey, Bingo, Chilli, and Bandit and are adorable. Some are better than others so the question is: Can you rank your favorite of the new minisodes? Do you even have a favorite??

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The 7 shorts (with an 8th episode that is a compilation of them all) debuted earlier this month and while we should have more coming, the first batch has some fun little moments to enjoy! They are all cute but we cannot rank them all so we have chosen our 5 favorite of them!

5. Animals

The short features Chilli and Bingo sitting together on a bench. Chilli is pretending like a bunch of animals are all climbing over Bingo and she is giggling at her mother’s antics. It is a sweet moment between mother and daughter that we don’t see that often on the show.

4. Hungry

What do you do when Bandit is hungry? Run. He’ll eat kids! Bandit is joking around with Chilli, talking about how hungry he is when he decides that if he eats Bluey, it’ll hold him over. Chilli tells him kids upset his stomach but he does it anyway. Watching Bandit mess around with his kids is always fun and seeing how much fun the girls are having with him is adorable.

3. Muffin Unboxing

Look, Muffin gets it. This short features Bluey’s cousin Muffin and her YouTube channel. She has to review a toy they sent her but that doesn’t mean she likes it. Muffin gets a dump truck and she wanted a kitty toy instead. While Stripe keeps telling her to play with it and work with it, she’s still mad that the toy isn’t that exciting.

It is so funny because Muffin really doesn’t like it but she isn’t going to let her little sister have it either.

2. Burger Dog

Everyone who has spent a minute around kids can relate to this short. Bingo and Bluey want to play a song on their dad’s phone and he makes a point of saying to them that they can listen to it as long as it isn’t annoying.

Bandit found it annoying so he said his phone died and the girls knew better, fought him on it, and got Chilli to call him and prove that he was lying. It was relatable and funny because who hasn’t had to listen to an annoying song because of kids?

1. Bingo 3000

Robots are the worst! Bingo is pretending to be a robot and the robot won’t put her legs down. So Bandit calls support to try and fix it. Tickling the robot, poking the robot, and resetting it doesn’t work. So Bandit wants his money back. Eventually, she does work and now they have a brand new robot!

It is cute and funny and who doesn’t love seeing Bingo and Bandit in action?

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