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‘The Acolyte’ Is Gearing Up for an Epic Season Finale

Star Wars: The Acolyte is building up to a big season finale, and it now has an official release date and confirmed runtime.

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The Star Wars Disney+ series takes place during the High Republic and follows twin sisters Osha and Mae (Amandla Stenberg), who develop a complicated relationship with the Jedi and Sith after the loss of their family. As the show hurtles toward its final episodes, there are still many lingering questions.

It’s clear that Sol (Lee Jung-jae) is harboring some dark secrets about what really happened the day he and three other Jedi landed on Mae and Osha’s home planet hours before it went up in smoke. Meanwhile, Osha is still struggling with her identity as an ex-Jedi and may be contemplating turning to the other side of the Force. Given that The Acolyte includes some of the best lightsaber duels in the franchise and has introduced unique weapons like cortosis and lightwhips to live action, there’s high anticipation for any potential final battles.

When does The Acolyte season finale come out?

Fans don’t have to wait long for The Acolyte season finale. The eighth episode will premiere at the show’s regular scheduled time at 9:00PM ET on Tuesday, July 16, on Disney+. According to the fan page Star Wars Only, the runtime for the two final episodes will be 43 minutes each. Given that many of the episodes have boasted shorter runtimes of 35–38 minutes, it is quite exciting that the final two will be on the longer side.

It’s difficult to predict what The Acolyte season finale has in store for viewers, as it largely depends on what side Osha chooses and what Sol’s big secret is. However, it may also delve further into Qimir (Manny Jacinto) and Sith lore. Then, there are additional characters like Vernestra Rwoh (Rebecca Henderson), whose intentions and allegiances remain a bit murky. What’s particularly interesting about the show is that there may not be a “good” side in the end. While the Sith are certainly brutal, The Acolyte has made it hard to ignore the darker side of the Jedi. This only raises the chances of an epic final battle or reveal as both sides appear content to cross moral and ethical boundaries.

Lastly, the show also still needs to reveal the origins of Osha and Mae. It was confirmed early on that the girls were raised in a coven of witches and had no father. Hence, they were either sired from the Force, like Anakin Skywalker, or brought to life in some other unconventional magical manner. Their identities seem to be the key to the Jedi’s secrets and the Sith’s interest in them. With so many potential reveals in the final two episodes of The Acolyte, I hope the show can effectively land its ending and prove the answers to its key mysteries were worth the wait.

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