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Generate Your Own Text Generator Thanks to Darius Kazemi’s GenGen

It's easier than ever to churn out random nonsense!


Geekosystem Generator

Sometimes you need to fill some space with words, but you just can’t think of any. That’s why text generators are great. What if you can’t find one that suits your specific needs? Fear not, readers. Maker of weird Internet things Darius Kazemi has your back. Kazemi’s created a text generator generator, and it does a frighteningly adequate job of pitching Geekosystem headlines.

Kazemi announced the project through his Twitter:

It works by taking data from a Google Docs spreadsheet. He includes a link to an example so you can see how it works, and it’s easy enough to use that as a guide for making your own. I created the Geekosystem Headline Generator in about ten minutes.

So far it’s spit out such gems as:

You’re Doing it Wrong! Robot Attacks Online Karate Laboratory with Our Friend Bill Nye

Breaking: Celebrity Geek Attacks Digital Hacking Fansite for Cash Money


Really? Florida Man Avenges Digital Adult Secret Base for Fame and Glory

It’s a lot of fun, and really rather simple to do. Give it a shot for yourself. I considered making a “Geekosystem Comment Section Generator” but I don’t know enough dirty words.

(via Darius Kazemi, image via GenGen)

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