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Teenage Girl Makes Hating Donald Trump Sound So, So Sweet

"It was fun at first, but now you blow."


Prepare to meet your new fave teenage activist, Molly Bergman.

This 13-year-old girl has written a song called “Dear Mr. Trump” and, yes, it’s all about that pesky presidential candidate who doesn’t know that #PeriodsAreNotAnInsult, gets kicked out of gatherings held by his own party and likes to harass ladies who call him out on Twitter. And yes, it’s pretty amazing.

Starting off with the primo line, “Dear Mr. Trump, stop being such a chump,” the song continues to explain why ol’ Donald is “embarrassing the nation” and “needs to take a long vacation.” There’s a bit of a murky part in which Molly talks about Trump’s wife Melania and says “wouldn’t it be shady if she was our first lady” (hey, let’s not bring her into this). But overall, we gotta say kudos to this girl for finding a sweet-sounding way to express her feelings about Trump’s pretty darn ugly behaviour.

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