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Ted Cruz Compares Journalists to the Borg, Clearly Doesn’t Understand Star Trek

We regret to inform you that Ted Cruz is at it again.


Seven of Nine Borg on Voyager

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, Ted Cruz gotta tweet nonsense til I die. After spending the weekend getting dunked on by Seth Rogen, the Texas senator was back at it again. Cruz tweeted in response to a Daily Beast article about staffers at Politico, who signed an open letter to publisher Robert Allbritton over hiring right-wing troll Ben Shapiro to guest-author an edition of the Playbook.

Cruz tweeted, “We are the Borg. There is only one view. Any contrary view does not exist, or must be assimilated. Journalism does not exist. Only orthodoxy. And conformity.”

Strong words for a failed insurrectionist who takes orders from Donald Trump’s frothing fan base. It’s clear that not only does Cruz not understand Star Trek, but he fails to understand journalism, as well. First, let’s get into The Borg, a collective of cybernetic organisms that are linked to a hive mind known as the Collective. The Borg forcibly assimilates all life forms, turning them into mindless slaves augmented with cybernetic implants. As far as Star Trek villains go, it doesn’t get more threatening than the Borg.

It’s a wild comparison to make, considering conservatives have no shortage of megaphones and platforms on which to shout their views, like Fox News, OANN, and NewsMax, not to mention podcasts, books, YouTube, Sunday shows, and more. It also points to the larger lie favored by conservatives like Cruz, Sen. Josh Hawley, and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who scream about being muzzled from their national stage.

As our own Vivian Kane put it, “Again, that’s a sitting member of Congress taking over the front page of a major national publication to complain about being silenced. If irony wasn’t already dead, Josh Hawley has surely killed it.” Conservatives have been similarly roasted by journalists and democrats for whining about being silenced while screaming into the media megaphone. It’s not that they’re being muzzled; they’re being held accountable for their deeply divisive and unpopular rhetoric.

It’s especially ironic considering that Donald Trump has inspired a Borg-like devotion from his followers. How else would Cruz explain his undying fealty to a man who insulted his wife, called him “lyin’ Ted,” and accused his father of assassinating JFK? Talk about brainwashing.

We also saw this level of devoted complicity from his followers who have defied all logic and reasoning to embrace Trump’s words as scripture. Seriously, if Trump came out with a red MAGA hat you could permanently drill into your skull, his cult would be all over it. Many Star Trek fans took Cruz to task for daring to besmirch their beloved franchise.

Ted Cruz wishes he were Captain Picard, but his motives are positively vile. What a troll.

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