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Teaser for House of Cards Reveals Frank Underwood’s Fate

Screengrab of Robin Wright as Claire Underwood in the teaser for "House of Cards" Season 6

The final season of House of Cards is upon us and the first teaser trailer is here to let the audience know the fate of Frank Underwood.

He is dead and buried in his family home in the “backyard” next to his father, with 46th President of the United States as his only epitaph, because he pretty much sucked at everything else.

Many people speculated how they would get rid of Kevin Spacey’s character after the allegations of sexual misconduct concerning the actor became public. Netflix decided to give the lead role in the series to Robin Wright, who played his wife Claire Underwood, and has been the most interesting character on the show for a while. Wright won a Best Actress Golden Globe in 2014 for her portrayal of Claire.

Of course, there are some who are convinced that this show will fail without Frank/Spacey.

It must be nice to stan someone who has been accused by more than fifteen other men for sexual misconduct.

Now, let’s all remember in the original books and the BBC version of House of Cards that Frank dies anyway, so this is not something that came out of nowhere, even if Spacey’s scandals hadn’t marred the show. Frank was always marked for death and his wife, at least in this version, is the perfect person to take over the lead role. Robin Wright is perfect and fully capable of doing this story justice and while the nay-sayers are no doubt in the minority, it is a reminder that, once again, there are plenty of people who rally behind men who have been accused of horrendous things.

House of Cards needed to end regardless, and I’m glad that it’ll end with Robin Wright’s Claire in the White House and I’m full excited in fast forwarding/catching up on the previous two seasons I’ve been delayed on to watch this last hurrah.

(image: Screengrab)

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