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Xzibit Owes Nearly a Million Dollars in Taxes

Sad news for people who like image macros: Xzibit, the man who won our hearts on MTV's Pimp My Ride when he heard you like X so he put X in your Y so you could f(X) while you f(X), reportedly owes more than $959,523 in federal taxes. He's already filed for bankruptcy twice, but the IRS dismissed both of those filings.

The bankruptcy filing provides rare insight into the volatile fortunes of an entertainer. In 2007, he earned $497,175 starring in "Pimp My Ride." But after the show was canceled, his income plummeted to $67,510 in 2008, according to court records.
Also, this is surprising: Even while he was hosting Pimp My Ride, he didn't actually own a car, but rather leased a Range Rover for $2,230 a month. (Detroit News via Jalopnik)

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Memes Within Memes Is Too Unstable: 15 Memes Inspired by Inception


A week-and-a-half later, Inception is still lingering in our minds, doing well at the box office, and, most importantly, inspiring people to make funny pictures on the Internet. That last point might seem insubstantial, but rest assured it isn't.

By and large, image macro humor is created by geeks, and as such they're a reliable gauge for which popular entertainment will endure, what actually makes us think and wins our obsession. Why do you think Inglourious Basterds birthed so many more memes than The Blind Side?

Below, 15 of the best memes inspired by Inception. No big spoilers, per se, but they may not make sense if you haven't seen the movie. Also, be warned that there is some saucy language.

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