A Pop Tart mascot standing on a toaster at a football game

What Is Going On With the Pop-Tarts Mascot?

Sometimes, we must ask ourselves what we are doing. This is maybe one of those times. Or maybe not. I can’t quite figure out what is going on here. What I do know is that this is football and there is a fake (well, I hope fake) toaster involved.

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The Pop-Tarts Bowl happened between the Kansas State Wildcats and NC State Wolfpack with the Wildcats winning. Good for them. This is not about them. None of the game was about the actual football because what ended up happening was an actual chaotic mess. To celebrate the Pop-Tarts sponsorship, we got to see a mascot having the time of his life.

During this event, a human being got into a Pop Tart costume, popped out of a toaster, and held up a sign reading “Dreams really do come true” with a heart on it. All of that is fine and lovely if it wasn’t absolutely deranged given what happens to the Pop Tart mascot after it goes into the toaster.

The dream of this singular Pop Tart seems to be to be eaten alive by the group of patrons waiting to eat it below. Why is that its dream? I’m not quite sure. What this has to do with the football game? I don’t know but this has captivated everyone who witnessed it online as we all try to figure out what in the world is going on.

This is the world we live in, where our football mascots are being torn limb from limb for our enjoyment (and apparently theirs) because it is their goal in life. Why? Simply because this mascot just really loves college football and that’s certainly a choice.

Can we consider this cannibalism?

The pop tart coming out of the toaster
(Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

The Pop Tart mascot was dedicated to his cause of just trying to show his love of sport by being there for a game. And we watched as he let patrons eat him for our amusement. It is a testament to our sensibilities that we laugh in the face of his death.

We are all making jokes, mocking the death of the Pop Tart and his sacrifice at our behest.

Watching as he sacrificed himself, getting eaten alive for the sake of American consumerism shows his dedication to his craft. Our hero, the Pop-Tart mascot, knew what he was made to do. It was his dream from the start of his brief life on his earth.

“Dreams really do come true,” he said proudly as he held up his sign, descending into his death at the hands of football patrons. His sacrifice, at our behest, is one that will go down his history. We will sing his praise for years to come.

May our children remember what it means to let our icons die because the Pop-Tarts mascot let himself get eaten at a football game so we all could laugh and carry on and make jokes online.

(featured image: Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

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