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Study Finds That Wikipedia Is Having a Really, Really Hard Time Keeping Its Editors

the internet is serious business

Wikipedia has hit a roadblock, and it's one unrelated to those once-ubiquitous "personal appeals" for funding by founder Jimmy Wales (you know what I'm talking about). This new problem is that Wikipedia, a site that relies on the public to create their content, is having trouble holding onto people who want to contribute to it.

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Cards Against Humanity’s Pay-What-You-Want Holiday Sale Produces Surprising Results

Any kind of sale where businesses invite their customers to pay what they please for goods just reeks of disaster. The obvious problem is that "paying what you want" tends to gravitate towards "paying nothing at all." The good people behind Cards Against Humanity recently held a pay-what-you-want sale for holiday packs, and they've released the data they collected from it. The results just might surprise you.

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Wikimedia-Sponsored Study Says Wikipedia’s Pretty Accurate

Wikipedia has never been cited as a sterling example of accuracy. Academics tend to shy away from the site due to the public access given to just about anyone. That said, a number of people continue to use the site as a sort of factual first response. Last November, the Wikimedia Foundation brought in Epic, an e-learning company, and Oxford University researchers to make an organized analysis of Wikipedia's accuracy. The results are in and somewhat suspiciously favorable.

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