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12  LGBTQ+ Webcomics Recommendations You Should Be Reading Right Now

The independent medium holds great power to include diverse representation.

One of the reasons why webcomics seem to be so well-received among creators and readers is the medium’s lack of restrictions, in which creative artists, unrestricted by the demands of corporate companies, may touch upon storylines and themes that would otherwise be censored or regulated in pursuit of profit.

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LINE Webtoon Celebrates Women’s History Month by Spotlighting Awesome Female Comics Creators

LINE Webtoon has quickly become an awesome destination for lovers of independent webcomics. Now, the site is also a great destination if you want to become acquainted with some awesome female comic talents. For all of March, which happens to be Women's History Month, LINE Webtoon shines a spotlight on female comics creators!

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Matt Furie Shares Rarest Pepe of All, Responds to Pepe Memes With a Nightmarish Comic

Matt Furie has responded to all the meme variations on his original Pepe the Frog character with a nightmarish comic of his own for The Nib.

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Power Play: Why Check, Please! Is Redefining Success in Comics

Meanwhile, the Big Two happily shoot own goals.

Sometimes finding success as a woman or person of color in the entertainment industry (comics, movies, television, you name it) can feel like being a gay figure skater trying to make it on a hockey team full of frat boys.

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Things We Saw Today: Melissa Benoist Visits Riverdale, Shows Us the Crossover We Never Knew We Wanted

I'd never really thought about Kara Zor-El going to school in Riverdale before, but now that I've seen the above photo, I'm writing all sorts of cool fan fiction in my head.

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LINE Webtoon and DeviantArt Announce “Artist Alley Tour” to Support and Showcase Digital Comic Creators

We've told you about the awesome partnership between LINE Webtoon and Patreon, which would allow digital comic creators to more efficiently monetize their creations and grow their readerships. Now, another collaboration has been announced today that furthers that mission.

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LINE Webtoon and Patreon Partner to Support and Develop Digital Comic Creators

Web comic creators REJOICE! (and make bank!)

For the past two years, LINE Webtoon has been not only publishing talented web comic creators, but offering all web comic creators the chance to hone their skills and build their readership through their open platform, Discover. Meanwhile, Patreon has become the way for regular content creators to not only build their communities, but earn an income for their work. So, a partnership between the two companies in the name of quality web comics was damn near inevitable.

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E.K. Weaver’s The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ & Amal Wins Lambda Award For LGBT Graphic Novel

The 28th Annual Lambda Literary Awards were last night, so if you're looking for some LGBTQIA reading material for the summer they have plenty of recommendations from mystery and YA to poetry and horror!

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Webcomic Spotlight: Saint for Rent Interview With Writer and Artist Ru Xu

Have you ever found yourself longing for a webcomic that's part slice-of-life and part intense time-travel adventure? Your prayers have been answered with Saint for Rent, a comic that blends sci-fi, fantasy, and queer love in a world where time-traveling is open to tourists and Saint is the one running an inn for them. We interviewed creator Ru Xu about the wonderful and unique setting of her world.

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Webcomic Spotlight: An Interview With Multiplex’s Gordon McAlpin

Gordon McAlpin Multiplex Interview

Multiplex is a webcomic about life at the movies and all the fun and drama that can happen there. We recently spoke to the comic’s creator about Multiplex’s evolution, the many very realistic ways it showcases diversity in its cast, and how to address Hollywood’s ongoing problems with racism.

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Interview: Dean Haspiel Talks The Red Hook and LINE Webtoon’s New Brooklyn Universe

LINE Webtoon is an amazing outlet for quality comics that are designed for the digital space, and earlier this month they launched a whole new universe!

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The Mary Sue Exclusive & Interview: Stēla’s Radical New Magical Girl Comic Chaos Arena: Crystal Fighters

Sailor Moon meets Street Fighter.

Love reading comics but don't have the time to run down to your local? Stēla is a brand-new app that delivers awesome comics right to your mobile device - and one of the comics launching today is right up The Mary Sue's alley. In Crystal Fighters: Chaos Arena, we meet the toughest gang of video game magical girls ever - and I got to speak with the comic's creators, Tyler and Jen Bartel.

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Webcomic Spotlight: An Interview With Girls With Slingshots Creator Danielle Corsetto

And the slingshot hits a bullseye.

For years Girls with Slingshots has been a beloved part of the webcomic world. Now that it’s come to an end the comic’s creator, Danielle Corsetto, took some time to talk to us about where Girls with Slingshots came from, how it evolved, and what ultimate messages she hopes readers will take from her work.

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Interview: Randy Milholland on Depicting Sexual Assault and Depression in Something Positive

Something Positive is an interesting comic. It can have bizarre elements while also showing the highs and lows of life with thoughtful honesty. It can make easy jokes against simple villains or show nuanced stories where even the protagonist is the one who deserves comeuppance. It’s also a comic that has often, for better or worse, dealt with sexual assault and depression. Recently I spoke with its creator, Randy Milholland, about how his comic and its tone has evolved over the years.

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Webcomic Spotlight: Interview With Gunnerkrigg Court Creator Tom Siddell

A look at the magic, myths, and robots of the Court!

Gunnerkrigg Court is a webcomic full of elaborate mythologies, loving friendships, dark mysteries, and robotic hijinks. Recently its creator, Tom Siddell, agreed to talk a bit about the origins of the Court and some of the background behind the stories that have come out of it.

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The Oatmeal Captures Inspiring Moment in the Life of Star Trek Creator Gene Roddenberry

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry led a pretty extraordinary life. Before creating the science fiction franchise that would span 50 years (next year!), he was a cop and a decorated WWII pilot. He was also a pilot for Pan Am in the late 1940s, and it is from his time in this job in his mid-twenties that the story of The Oatmeal's latest comic comes.

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Things We Saw Today: John Boyega Pays a Visit to His Old School

Moses! Moses! Moses!

John Boyega returned to his alma mater to talk to students about working toward your goals and to say hello to some of his old teachers. It was exceptionally adorable.

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Webcomic Spotlight: An Interview with David Willis, Creator of Dumbing of Age and Shortpacked

David Willis takes us behind the scenes.

David Willis is a popular webcomic artist most known for his college slice-of-life comic Dumbing of Age and a light sci-fi comic set in a toy store called Shortpacked. Recently, Willis took some time to speak to me about his creative process and the stories he’s created.

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Achewood Creator Chris Onstad Is Selling Oil Paintings of His Comic’s Characters

The Achewood website has seen a handful of sparse updates since it entered hiatus in 2011, and one such update gained notice today: the launch of the Achewood Gallery, at which fans may commission original oil paintings of the comic's characters by creator Chris Onstad.

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10 Sci-Fi Stories Created by Women of Color

They're out there...but you have to look WAY too hard to find them. So I did it for you!

This list was difficult to put together. It shouldn't have been, but it was.

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