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ModCloth Has Been Sold to Walmart—and Their Customers are Pissed

To say many of ModCloth’s customers are not happy would be putting it lightly.

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Don’t Bother Trying to Get a Gold Mario Amiibo Unless You’ve Got at Least $100 to Spend

Nintendo's nefarious plan is working.

Just like every other Amiibo anyone has any interest in, the gold Mario Amiibo sold out within minutes.

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Walmart Isn’t Happy About That PS4 Scam, So They Idiot-Proofed Their Price Match Policy

Roll back those prices policies.

Yes, some people were really picking up $90 PlayStation 4s using a bogus 3rd party Amazon listing over the past few days. Of course, price matching is always up to store management, and they should've shut this down in the first place. But Walmart is no longer playing it fast and loose with employees' common sense.

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Walmart’s Amazon Price Matching Backfires Almost Instantly With $90 PS4 Scam

Well that escalated quickly.

Walmart has long had an "Ad Match" program to price-match other stores, but just days ago they began officially matching prices at select online retailers, including Amazon. So, of course, the Internet had to go and ruin everything by setting up some official-looking PS4 sale pages with incredibly low prices and getting them price-matched.

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Things We Saw Today: Priorities in Game Development Might Not Be Great for Diversity

Yes, we're still upset about this one.

"Look at how the feces squish and plop with realistic physics! Hmm? What do you mean by, 'priorities'?"

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You Can Get A Marvel Action Figure Made With Your Face At Walmart. Unless You Want A Female Character, Of Course.

Only boys get to be superheroes, duh.

Chances are, I will never be a superhero. It's something I've had to come to terms with. But now, thanks to Marvel, the most painful aspect of non-superherodom (the lack of a personalized action figure, obviously) has been mitigated. Starting tomorrow, you can head to stores near you and have a Marvel action figure made, featuring your very own face. As long as you're cool with being either Iron Man or Captain America. Sorry, girls; superheroes aren't for you I guess.

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You Can Get an iPhone 5c for Practically Free or a Cheap 5s at Walmart Right Now

No, this is not a spam email. I promise.

It looks like Walmart is getting a jump on selling older models of the iPhone for cheap when the iPhone 6 hits, and they're not messing around.

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14-Year-Old Lived in Texas Walmart for Days by Building Secret Forts

What? Was Costco closed?

Anyone who's ever held a retail job is surely familiar with the concept of finding a convenient hiding place among boxes and camping out to avoid detection, but hiding in a store you're not being paid to occupy is a new one by me. A teenager in Texas did just that by building two secret forts in a Walmart and living there for four days before being detected. Maybe he was just waiting for someone else to start a Community-style box fort vs. pillow fort competition?

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Missed Out on Xbox One and PS4 Preorders? Walmart’s Giving You a Second Chance

Get to the pickings before they're slim

Those Xbox One and PS4 preorders went by pretty fast, huh? If you overslept the day that retailers put them out, then good news: Walmart's going to have a new stock of preorders available August 24, which is this Saturday. So maybe South Park was wrong and Walmart's not that evil after all.

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Because We Need More Stuff: Walmart Reports Best Black Friday Sales Ever

In today's totally depressing news, it appears that the American impulse to needlessly purchase junk in bulk is alive and well. Black Friday no longer exists just on Friday, despite the infamous day's name. No, our cup spilleth over to Thanksgiving as well. Walmart was already doing ridiculous amounts of business last night, and they've reported their best Black Friday events ever with almost 5,000 items sold per second between 8PM and midnight.

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Things We Saw Today: The First Poster for Game of Thrones Season 3

Things We Saw Today

That's just what you wanted, right GoT fans? (Bleeding Cool)

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Pitbull is Totally Going to Kodiak Walmart, Bringing the Guy That Engineered His Exile

Hey remember that time that a bunch of people on the Internet took it upon themselves to send popular entertainer Pitbull to a Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska? Well, the unflappable Pitbull has taken it in stride and is not only going to make the trek, but will be bringing the prank's mastermind with him. Well played, Mr. Pitbull.

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The Internet is Sending Pitbull to a Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska

There's nothing quite like corporate campaigns meant to harness social media being taken by the reins and subverted. The latest hijink comes courtesy of the unsuspecting marketing people behind Walmart and Pitbull, the hip-hop star that will shill out for just about anything. That includes Energy Sheets, which is the brand oddly paired with sending Pitbull to whatever Walmart has the most "Likes" on Facebook by July 15th. So now the collective will of the internet is sending him to Kodiak, Alaska.

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Thousands of Birds Die Flying Head-First Into Walmart Parking Lot, Mistaking It for Water

Today in unfortunate bird news, thousands of migrating grebes crashed into a Walmart parking lot -- as well as other similar constructions throughout Utah -- because they confused it with a body of water. Wildlife officials said the duck-like probably mistook the parking lot for a safe resting spot, like a body of water, considering grebes are aquatic. Wildlife program manager for the southern region of the Utah Department of Wildlife Resource's Teresa Griffin said the birds are "just everywhere," and that people are even coming into the department's office, dropping them off.

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Woman Attempts to Cook Meth Inside a Walmart

This is Elizabeth Alisha Greta Halfmoon, also known as Alisha Halfmoon. Halfmoon is 45 and, like many Americans, has spent a lot of time in Walmart. In fact, on December 8th, she spent about six hours in Walmart. Except she wasn't looking for amazing Holiday deals. Instead, Halfmoon was attempting to cook meth.

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Woman Sues Walmart For $0.02 Price Discrepancy, Wins $180, Not as Frivolous as It Sounds

There are a lot of people who will say that Walmart has some bad business practices, treats their employees and customers poorly, and puts small companies out of business. There are less that are willing to take them to task on it. There is only one who would do it over 2 cents and principle: Mary Bach of Pennsylvania. When she was charged an additional 2 cents on top the listed price for her Banquet "Brown 'N Serve" sausages --something she claims has happened more than once -- she decided to sue, won, and was awarded $180.

From the get-go, this case seems to have all the hallmarks of frivilous, "I'll sue you and your dog!" litigation, but Bach claims there's more to it and I'm inclined to believe her. This is not Bach's first suit against Walmart. In fact, she's sued five times in the past for exactly the same thing: Being charged more money than the listed price. While it's only a few cents, given the freqeuncy of the event and the number of customers Walmart has daily, Back thinks this amounts to some serious unearned, dishonest revenue.

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Walmart's Vudu Video Streaming Assault Begins

Omnipresent brick-and-mortar retail chain Walmart has just launched a video streaming service on its website. The service is powered by Vudu, a digital video company that Walmart acquired over a year ago. Unlike Netflix, Vudu is not a subscription service and instead charges users for individual streaming rentals or purchases. Prices range from $1-$5.99 for rentals, with purchases starting at $4.99. Though Vudu has been around for a while, its launch directly on Walmart's website opens a new chapter for the service. It is also the surest signal that Walmart, a juggernaut DVD retailer, wants a piece of the streaming video pie. It's possible that the company might not see optical media like DVDs and Blu-rays as the sure bet they once were, and is seeking to diversify its stock.

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