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Things We Saw Today: These Official Handmaid’s Tale Character Posters Amazing

These are the kinds of posters that one might expect to be the product of fan art, yet here Hulu is grabbing at our very souls with these chilling and awesome character posters for The Handmaid's Tale. Check out the full gallery at Coming Soon. Have you checked out Offred's story yet?

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Sony Has Announced a New $1,200 Walkman. We Blame Star-Lord.

But does it come with the Awesome Mix?

This isn't the first time Sony's Walkman has come back to the future. In fact, the brand has been around pretty steadily on various Sony music players for years. The new Walkman ZX2, however, is no blast from the past; it's the Walkman of the fuuuutuuuuuure. But can it survive twenty years in space? That's what I want to know.

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Kids React to Walkmans and They Pity Our iPhone-less Childhoods

We should probably just start using walkmans for teething babies.

Walkmans are pretty much ancient to the newer generations and the reaction to them provided by TheFineBros is absolutely priceless. Luckily, a few of these kids were able to figure out that this antique handed to them was a portable cassette player and with a little bit of help, they were able to make it function.

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They Still Make Those? A Little History Behind the Walkman

Yes, they do, in fact, still make those. I was surprised too! Sony even released their newest entry into the Walkman line in Europe just yesterday. The Walkman F800 will be the slimmest ever and will come sporting the Android 4.0 operating system. But where did it all begin? We'll be taking a look at the storied past behind Sony's portable media player and sharing a few of the F800's details after the jump!

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Sony Discontinues Walkman

Sony has announced that it is discontinuing the Walkman, the ubiquitous portable music player of yesteryear. The manufacturer acknowledged that it has sold 200,020,000 cassette players in 30 years, but that nevertheless, the last batch of Walkmans shipped in April and there will be no more. Well, looks like I've really got to look into getting my Neil Gaiman radio plays in a different format. And it's going to be increasingly difficult to explain parts of Home Alone 2 to kids.

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