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Sony Has Announced a New $1,200 Walkman. We Blame Star-Lord.

But does it come with the Awesome Mix?


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This isn’t the first time Sony’s Walkman has come back to the future. In fact, the brand has been around pretty steadily on various Sony music players for years. The new Walkman ZX2, however, is no blast from the past; it’s the Walkman of the fuuuutuuuuuure. But can it survive twenty years in space? That’s what I want to know.

That future comes at a price, too: $1,200, to be exact. That’s because the new luxury Walkman is fully equipped for high-res audio, which, despite how much it sounds like made up movie-future jargon, is a very real thing—in the sense that the music industry will really try to use it to convince us all to spend more money on new, expensive stuff.


The Walkman ZX2.

I don’t know how Sony thinks it’s going to convince anyone to spend $1,200 on a glorified MP3 player, though, especially considering that high-res audio is basically pointless because of human hearing limitations. But they’re making it anyway, and it’s got 128GB of storage (which those huge high-res files will eat up pretty quickly), accepts microSD cards, and is otherwise basically the same as any touchscreen MP3 player.

In the end, though, you know your decision to purchase will really be based on how well the Walkman works for this:


(via Gizmodo)

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