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Interview: Thi Bui’s The Best We Could Do Tells an Often Unseen Story of Family and South Vietnam

Thi Bui spoke to us about how her graphic memoir The Best We Could Do tells the story of her family's displacement from South Vietnam with empathy.

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Study Shows Terrifying Leaf-Nosed Bat is a New Species

It's been a good couple of weeks when it comes to the discovery of hideous and terrifying new animals. In addition to some creepy amphibian worms and the world's deepest dwelling land animal, a study in the Journal of Mammalogy has shown that a terrifying variety of leaf-nosed bat, found in Vietnam and pictured above, is genetically distinct from any other known species of bat. It's also distinctly better at causing nightmares.

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The Chaotic, Mesmerizing Traffic in Vietnam

At first, you might not be inclined to watch a time-lapse movie about the traffic in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Friend, I once thought as you did. What I didn't realize, however, is that said traffic in said city is completely insane. To illustrate: Take a look at the image above, and count how many vehicles there are, and then count how many different directions vehicles are traveling in. Now imagine that, but moving seamlessly and apparently with complete ease. It's astounding.

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Vietnam Sets Mandatory 10pm Curfew for Online Video Games

South Korea's proposed Internet curfew for youths from midnight to 6am seems positively namby-pamby compared to this actual measure being implemented by the Vietnamese government: Since the government thinks that people are wasting too much time playing online games, it is implementing a ban on online gaming from 10pm to 8am. And this isn't just a polite suggestion to the citizenry; rather, the government is asking ISPs to block online game access, effective March 3rd. Such blocks can in theory be evaded by using proxies: However, proxifying some popular games like World of Warcraft is rather tricky. Vietnam News:

"Provincial departments of information and communication will inspect on-line games activities nationwide and deal with organisations that violate regulations by cancelling their services," said the ministry's Deputy Minister Le Nam Thang. Internet management should be improved in a way that both meets the demand for information and ensures internet security while not affecting the lifestyle and customs of young people, said Thang. ... Some on-line game service providers like VTC Intercom and Asiasoft said that the (internet access block) measure reduced entertainment access to adults who have paid a lot for internet access. They also said it created difficulties for the maintenance of on-line games.
Good idea for weaning a game-addled young population, or government paternalism at its worst? (via 1up)

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iPod Touch with 2MP Camera Leaks in — Where Else? — Vietnam [Pics]

Now it's just getting ridiculous:, the Vietnamese scoop factory behind the leaked iPhone 4, is back with a bevy of clear photographs of what appears to be an iPod Touch with a 2 megapixel camera.

Some skepticism is warranted: According to BGR, even if this iPod Touch is a genuine Apple product and not a counterfeit, it's still possible that this could be "an older prototype left over from Apple’s failed attempt at placing a camera in the iPod Touch last year."

Judge for yourself:

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Richard Blumenthal May not Have Fought in Vietnam, but at Least He Fought Wii Beer Pong

Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat running for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut, is currently getting flambéed on the political Internet over a New York Times bombshell which charges that Blumenthal never served in Vietnam, despite his statements to the contrary in at least one speech. Over on Boing Boing, Cory Doctorow as much as calls Blumenthal a liar. True/Slant's Michael Roston points out that as damaging as the Times' report may sound, it's worth asking whether Blumenthal actually brought his supposed Vietnam service all that much: Aside from one 2008 speech in which he uttered the unfortunate words "We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam," the Times has no hard evidence that he serially touted Vietnam as a selling point for himself. Still, this all sounds pretty bad on paper, and Blumenthal -- formerly the clear frontrunner -- is in trouble unless he can seriously turn things around at his press conference at 2pm this afternoon. What's the geek angle in all of this, you ask? Well, gamers of all political affiliations may feel some bit of schadenfreude over Blumenthal's current troubles when they remember that one of the ways he tried to make a name for himself was by leading a grandstanding campaign against the evils of Wii beer pong in 2008.

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Another 4th Gen iPhone Leaks: This Time, to Vietnam

One's an accident, two's a trend: Following the extremely high-profile flurry over Gizmodo's acquisition of a 4G iPhone last month, a Vietnamese website,, posted photos of what appear to be a teardown of a second 4th gen iPhone. According to Apple Insider, this new phone appears to be a "more refined prototype than the one obtained by Gizmodo last month": it lacks visible screws, is designated as being a 16GB model, and has what appears to be an A4 processor -- the same processor in the iPad.

There's some doubt that this is a 4th gen iPhone, but it sure looks the same as the iPhone Gizmodo published pictures of. Judge for yourself:

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Trailer is Out in HD! Watch it Here.

This morning, we found out that the seventh CoD game is going to be called Call of Duty: Black Ops. As of 12:40 tonight, we know what it looks like, thanks to a trailer for the game that just debuted on GameTrailers TV. There's not a ton of tangible new information to be had here -- it's a fairly short trailer -- but it sure is visually impressive:

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