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Things We Saw Today: Yesssss, There Will Be An Antiope Funko Pop!

Funko have shared images from their latest line of Wonder Woman Pop!s and Dorbz - and this time, Antiope is included!

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Things We Saw Today: Feel Better About Life and the World With Twitch’s 18-Day Mister Rogers Marathon

It's easy to go down a rabbit-hole of negativity these days with everything going on in the world, but for the next sixteen days and change, there is at least one source of positivity and love that is here for us. Twitch is running an 18-day marathon of the children's classic TV show, Mister Rogers Neighborhood.

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Twitch Has Launched a New Tool to Keep Stream Chats From Being Terrible

Depending on the audience, the chat function on Twitch can either be a friendly experience or a nightmare. Not only do larger audiences make the chats extremely hard to follow at times, but that devolution can come with a bit of intentional nastiness on the side. Now, Twitch has introduced a moderation tool to combat the more toxic participants.

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Things We Saw Today: The Rock and Lin-Manuel Miranda Take Us Behind the Scenes of Millennials: The Musical

Millennials: The Musical comes out on Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Youtube channel 11/29, but here's a look behind the scenes.

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The Mary Sue Interview: The Ladies of Geek & Sundry’s Critical Role Explain How D&D Changed Their Lives

Every Thursday at 7 pm PST, a group of, in their own words, "nerdy-ass" voice-actors get together to play their Dungeons & Dragons campaign live as part of Geek & Sundry's hit series, Critical Role.

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There’s a Hearthstone Dating Show Now, and It’s Called Fireside and Chill

Admit it: you saw this coming. There's a brand new show coming to Twitch called Fireside and Chill, and it combines dating with one of eSports' biggest titles: Hearthstone.

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Twitch Talks Community, Support, and Women in Tech at Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner

This panel at Twitch was part of an independent event series called "Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners," which aims to bring together women who work in tech.

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This Streamer Used Fancy Footwork to Beat Super Smash Bros. Melee With a DDR Dance Pad

How this video isn't called "Show Me Your Moves," I'll never understand.

Twitch streamer ATwerkingYoshi beat Super Smash Bros. Melee with nothing more than a Dance Dance Revolution dance pad and his feet. Oh, and some pretty sweet moves.

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You Can Stream Bob Ross’ Joy of Painting Every Week on

Go on, then. Get your fix of happy little trees, why don't you?

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Not Even Bob Ross Livestream Safe From Rape Jokes and Grossness

She was painting a beautiful scene, talking incredibly kindly and peacefully... and that's when the jokes and awful comments came out of the woodworks.

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Twitch’s Unevenly Applied Policy About In-Game Nudity Makes No Sense

Twitch, one of gaming's most popular streaming platforms, has a strict policy when it comes to streaming games with sexual content; any game with nudity as a "core focus or feature" will get the streamer in hot water. Indie developer Robert Yang, whose games often include sexual themes, nudity, and social commentary about the gay community, has earned the dubious honor of becoming one of Twitch's most-banned developers.

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Smash Bros. Melee Demonstrates eSports’ Power With Record-Breaking Fighting Game Viewership at Evo Tournament

We eSports?

Yeah, you read that right: a 14-year-old game that's had two sequels became, not for the first time in its lifespan, the most-watched fighting game ever at this year's massive Evo 2015 fighting game tournament with 205 thousand viewers as Adam "Armada" Lindgren took first place over Juan "Hungrybox" Debiedma in grand finals. It's time to pay attention to eSports.

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19-Year-Old Swatter Faces 5 Years in Prison; Army Veteran Swatted Mid-Stream on Twitch

Today in "stuff that shouldn't fit right into our gaming tag..."

In addition to featuring prominently in Law and Order's upcoming Gamergate episode, the practice of swatting (falsifying claims with the aim of sending armed law enforcement to a target's house) is gaining more national attention following the raid of 27-year-old veteran and Twitch streamer Joshua Peters' home and the unrelated arrest of 19-year-old swatter Brandon Wilson.

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Tales From The Borderlands To Premiere With Live (and Streaming) Playthrough Session

"Don't shoot my face!"

Ever played an point-and-click adventure game and thought, "You know what would be really cool? If they put this game on a big movie screen and made the entire audience vote in with their suggestions of which dialogue options to choose like a giant well-organized version of Twitch Plays Pokémon." Well, good news! If you're a fan of the Borderlands games and you live in Texas—so, you know, in an actual border land—then your dreams are about to come true.

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Twitch’s New “Dress Appropriately” Policy is Founded on Obliviousness

Because sexist dress codes do no one any good.

The 970 million dollar game-streaming service, Twitch, just updated their Rules of Conduct to disallow “sexually suggestive” clothing, including outright toplessness (gasp!).

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ESPN President on Twitch/Amazon Deal: Whatever, eSports Aren’t Real Sports Anyway

Obviously, he is not a golfer.

ESPN President John Skipper didn't hold back when asked how he felt about Amazon's nearly $1 billion dollar purchase of online video game streaming platform Twitch. He's got some feelings about the legitimacy of eSports and online streaming.

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Don’t Miss a Single PAX Prime Gaming Convention Live Stream This Weekend

It's dangerous to stream alone. Take this.

The PAX Prime gaming convention runs from today, August 29, 2014 to September 1, 2014 in Seattle, Washington. But you can still get in on all the fun thanks to a whole bunch of streams on Twitch. We've collected some of the biggest ones and their stream schedules for you here to simplify your life.

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It’s Officially Official This Time: Amazon Will Buy Twitch for Lots of Money

So when do we get Twitch Plays Amazon?

Remember a few weeks ago when everyone said Google was going to buy Twitch? And then remember a few weeks after that, when more people said Google was going to buy Twitch, and everyone seemed pretty sure it was a done deal? Surprise! Twitch has announced that they're being bought by Amazon! Oh, you thought I was going to say Google? Yeah, you're not the only one.

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Huge, Record-Breaking Dota 2 Tournament Set for Madison Square Garden During NY Comic Con

"The geek shall inherit the Earth." -The Bible, I think.

Continuing the unstoppable conquest of eSports, Valve's Dota 2 will be played in the largest in-person eSports event ever held on the East coast during the New York Super Week of New York Comic-Con in October. The finals of the ESL One global Dota 2 tournament will be played out live in front of thousands of spectators at The Theater at Madison Square Garden.

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Twitch Updates Crack Down on Copyrighted Music, Cut Back on Archiving

Twitch rolled out some updates today that, while understandable, could have used a little help in the execution department.

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