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GLAAD Finds LGBTQ Representation on Television Is Increasing, But Is Still Pushing Old, Damaging Stereotypes

GLAAD hosted a TCA panel to discuss the state of LGBTQ+ representation in television today. And I don't think you'll be surprised to hear that there's still a lot of work to be done.

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Mindy Kaling Accurately Predicted (and Burned) Master of None In Her Book, Why Not Me?

Did you read Mindy Kaling's book, Why Not Me? If you did, why didn't you tell us that she totally predicted the plot of Aziz Ansari's (heartbreakingly) hilarious hit show, Master of None?

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TV Tropes Deletes Every Rape Trope; Geek Feminism Wiki steps in


Up until a week ago, TV Tropes had a very handy trope index called Rape Tropes. (Note: all TVT rape trope pages in this article link, ironically, to Google caches.) This page also linked to other iterations of rape tropes in popular culture such as Rape as Backstory, Rape and Switch, Rape as Drama, Rape as Redemption, and other rape tropes common in the pop culture idiom. Today when you access any of these pages, you're informed, "We do not want a page on this topic. It does not meet our content policy." Recently on the discussion thread for combining the "Victim falls for Rapist" trope with the "Rape as Stockholm Syndrome" trope under the standard Rape Is Love cliche, Wiki owner and admin Fast Eddie explained that all tropes related to rape had been wiped off the site because it was getting the site "in trouble with Google." Apparently that meant any trope containing the word "rape" had to go.

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Turns Out Kids Aren’t Actually Fans of Violence in Television

Educated Guess

An assistant professor has published a study on what appeals to kids in television with some interesting results, mostly due to an interesting distinction that he explored: the difference between violence in a cartoon and action. Specifically, he found that children identified more with characters and enjoyed a show more if the show wasn't violent.

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Things We Saw Today: An Explanation of the Trend of Crossplay

Things We Saw Today

Which is when you cosplay as what a character would look like if they were the opposite gender, at Epbot.

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How BioShock’s Plot Was Predicted by Batman: The Animated Series in 1994

Oh, what's that... what's that thing where they're in a underwater city?  And it's all dystopian, with enormous mechanical guards?  Like, there's this billionaire capitalist who's starting a new civilization based on his rules, and he doesn't want anyone interfering with it?  But then the heroes come in and stop him with help from Mr. Freeze? Oh right.  It's an episode of Batman: The Animated Series and it's called "Deep Freeze." Compare to the synopsis for the original BioShock, courtesy of Wikipedia:
BioShock is set during 1960, in Rapture, a fictional underwater dystopian city. The history of Rapture is learned by the player through audio recordings as he explores the city. Rapture was envisioned by the Randian business magnate Andrew Ryan, who wanted to create a laissez-faire state to escape increasingly oppressive political, economic, and religious authority on land. ... By New Year's Eve of 1959, "[Ryan's] paranoia had reached such a level he was hanging dozens of people, mostly innocent, in Rapture's main square."

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Let’s Get Dangerous: Darkwing Duck is Back

Nostalgia warning: Darkwing Duck is back this June. BOOM! Studios, who already publish numerous Disney character comics through their BOOM Kids! imprint, are bringing the terror that flaps in the night back in a four-issue miniseries beginning in June. The announcement was made yesterday at the Emerald City Comic Con.

Ian Brill, writer on the miniseries, promises lots of villains:

"Darkwing has such a great rogue's gallery, I couldn’t pick just one. By the time you get to the end of the first issue you'll see four, and then there are only going to be more as the series progresses. All the villains’ lives have been changed, too. There have been big changes in St. Canard and everyone’s dealing with them in their own way. This series has the familiar characters you want but given new situations that we hope gives a sense of vitality to the stories.”

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