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Ze Frank Informs Us About the “Floppy, Floppy Spider of the Sea” We Like to Call the Octopus

Ze Frank is still not sure where the octopus' butt is.

Ze Frank is back with some very interesting facts about our scary ink farting friends in the deep blue sea. The octopus is so intelligent that even when severed its tentacles continue to work, which is highly impressive and highly creepy.

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Marvel at These Mostly True Facts About the Owl [Video]

Remember: Don't do drugs, because an owl might just rip your face off.

How much do you actually know about owls? If I had to guess, I'd say not enough. Thankfully, Ze Frank has once again provided. All of the facts in this video at definitely and totally true, especially the part where he says, and I'm paraphrasing here, that if an owl's stealth were loudness, it'd be the loudest of the birds.

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Ze Frank Reminds Us Why The Mantis Shrimp Is Terrifying [Video]

Oh, yeah, it's just going to punch things so hard it spits in the face of physics itself. How are just all just okay with that?

The colorful and bizarre mantis shrimp has been getting a lot of love on the Internet in recent months, everywhere from the science press to the august pages of The Oatmeal. For our money, though, no animal is officially Internet famous until it's been made the subject of one of Ze Frank's True Facts videos. Congratulations, mantis shrimp - your day has arrived. Check out the video for a few laughs alongside awesome footage of the mantis shrimp using it's powerful punch to menace fish, crabs, octopi, aquarium walls -- pretty much anything it gets within menacing distance of, really. These things are no joke.

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Here Are Some True Facts About the Aye-Aye to Freak You Out This Morning [Video]

The fact that it has nipples on its stomach may be one of the least strange facts about the world's ugliest lemur, the aye aye.

On the latest episode of True Facts, our favorite amateur biologist Ze Frank enlightens us on all matters related to one of nature's freakiest looking creatures -- the aye-aye. A lemur that looks like it traded in most of it's fur for a middle finger that looks like something you would pry off of a mummy and got the raw end of the deal, the aye-aye was long considered a rodent by scientists, due to its rodent-like teeth. The aye-aye, though, is a very specialized primate, which hunts know what, just watch the video, I don't want to spoil it for you.

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True Facts About The Duck Are Surprisingly NSFW. No, Seriously.

We've brought you several of Zefrank's True Facts videos in the past, because they tend to be adorable, funny, and interesting. The new one that covers facts about ducks is all those things, and more. By "more" I mean it's also graphic, a little unnerving, and definitely NSFW. Sure, other True Facts videos have had elements of being NSFW, but this one deals extensively with duck genitals.

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Face It, You Don’t Know Enough True Facts About Sea Pigs, Let Us Help You

Are sea pigs different than land pigs? Probably. One lives in the sea while the other lives on the land. Are their other differences? What would happen if you asked a sea pig if it were a land pig? So many questions! You could spend years of your life studying to become a marine biologist, or you could just take a few minutes to watch "True Facts About The Sea Pig" by YouTube great zefrank. You'll laugh while you learn some things that might even be true.

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Marvel at These True Facts About the Naked Mole Rat [Video]

Okay, so the naked mole rat is probably kind of low-hanging fruit for Ze Frank's consistently excellent True Facts series. After just one look at these terrifying little beasties, with their wrinkled skin, grotesqueley oversized teeth, and winning charm (nope, not really) there shouldn't be much that surprises you about them. Still, Frank's take on everyone's favorite mostly blind, cancer-proof mammal that lives in a hive-like society (see, everyone is the best at something if you just make the category specific enough!) is quite excellent. And if it's possible, the fact that the creators are now collaborating with the fine folks at BBC Earth could make the series even better. Or at least make it easier for the the folks behind it to get paid for their excellent work, an idea that we are 100% in favor of.

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Start Your Week Off With These True Facts About the Dung Beetle [Video]

No matter what your job might be, the fact is that none of us loves Monday mornings, a time of the week generally marked by sitting in the car for an awkward period of time while saying things like "Okay. This again. This again for five days. I can do this," and trying pretty hard to actually believe them. Take heart, though! Whatever you do for a living, it is probably not as bad as the dung beetle's job, which involves a lot rolling, fighting over, and eating dung. Pushing and eating balls of poop around is even a dung beetle's idea of a romantic night out on the town. Come enjoy Ze Frank's latest take on the horrors and strangeness of the natural world in the video below and start your Monday off right by reminding yourself there are way worse fates than fighting the morning commute. You could have a dung ball instead of a car, for example.

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True Facts About the Fruit Bat Will Leave You Wanting a Pet Fruit Bat [Video]

The ever dependable and humorous Ze Frank has returned with another series of entertaining and (mostly) true facts about the noble fruit bat -- both the mega and micro varieties, so there's something for everyone. Watch the video below to learn more about the gentle, well-intentioned, and weirdly adorable breeds of bat that don't suck blood and try not to want one as a pet. Go on, try. You can't do it, because that would be amazing!

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True Facts About the Mantis Reveals a Whole Lot of Stuff We Never Wanted to Know [Video]

Ze Frank continues to delight with his series of True Facts videos. The latest and greatest explains in detail the glorious existence that is the mantis. While a number of these "facts" are exaggerated, it's absolutely true that the mantis really is the only insect that enjoys live tennis. Okay, maybe not that, but they do appear to be pretty poor walkers. Regardless, of how accurate, it's still worth watching.

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New True Facts Video Proves Tarsiers Are Even Weirder Than They Look

The really quite excellent Ze Frank is back, reciting poignant facts about strange animals in dulcet tones, and making our workdays the better for it. This time, Frank has set himself to educating us on the tarsier, a task he manages with admirably little giggling, considering how weird these things are. For example, did you know that tarsiers are mighty hunters, and the only entirely carnivorous primate? This fact should not leave you intimidated by tarsiers, unless you are an insect, lizard, or small bird, which our audience research metrics suggest that you are not. So, no need to worry -- just watch the video below and enter your weekend more educated on all matters tarsier-related.

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We Exist Because Morgan Freeman Narrates That We Exist

Last week we showed you True Facts About Sloths by YouTube genius Ze Frank, but according to this week's episode of True Facts we only did that because Morgan Freeman narrated us showing you True Facts About Sloths. It seems that the world is controlled not by elaborate laws of physics, but by the dulcet tones of Morgan Freeman's voice. For example, did you know that penguins didn't exist until Morgan Freeman recorded the narration for March of the Penguins? It's true, because it's on the Internet, and the Internet would never ever lie to us.

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Learn the Ugly Facts About the Even Uglier Anglerfish [Video]

We assume the reason people don't take the time to engage in a thorough, extensive study of the anglerfish is because one can't go five minutes without getting nauseous looking at the thing. Really, it's that aesthetically repulsive. In spite of the anglerfish's horrendous visage, the world does know a few things about its natural behavior and other nuggets of knowledge that may walk that fine line of being too much information. Enter YouTube user zefrank1 and his groundbreaking documentary on the runner-up for most disgusting aquatic life form to swim Earth's vast oceans. After the sea cucumber, of course.

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