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Ze Frank Reminds Us Why The Mantis Shrimp Is Terrifying [Video]

Oh, yeah, it's just going to punch things so hard it spits in the face of physics itself. How are just all just okay with that?

The colorful and bizarre mantis shrimp has been getting a lot of love on the Internet in recent months, everywhere from the science press to the august pages of The Oatmeal. For our money, though, no animal is officially Internet famous until it’s been made the subject of one of Ze Frank’s True Facts videos. Congratulations, mantis shrimp – your day has arrived. Check out the video for a few laughs alongside awesome footage of the mantis shrimp using it’s powerful punch to menace fish, crabs, octopi, aquarium walls — pretty much anything it gets within menacing distance of, really. These things are no joke.

(via YouTube)

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