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Ze Frank Informs Us About the “Floppy, Floppy Spider of the Sea” We Like to Call the Octopus

Ze Frank is still not sure where the octopus' butt is.

Ze Frank is back with some very interesting facts about our scary ink farting friends in the deep blue sea. The octopus is so intelligent that even when severed its tentacles continue to work, which is highly impressive and highly creepy.

Sometimes they purposefully sever their arms to confuse the hell out of enemies, and us. Point is, they’re pretty intelligent and I wouldn’t be surprised if they survived an alien invasion along with roaches. Plus, if you want a glimpse of wild octopus sex, this video is just for you. These are just some of the facts. Let Ze Frank educate you on just how weird, creepy and smart these floppy sea spiders are.

(via zefrank1)

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