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Marvel at These True Facts About the Naked Mole Rat [Video]

Okay, so the naked mole rat is probably kind of low-hanging fruit for Ze Frank’s consistently excellent True Facts series. After just one look at these terrifying little beasties, with their wrinkled skin, grotesqueley oversized teeth, and winning charm (nope, not really) there shouldn’t be much that surprises you about them. Still, Frank’s take on everyone’s favorite mostly blind, cancer-proof mammal that lives in a hive-like society (see, everyone is the best at something if you just make the category specific enough!) is quite excellent. And if it’s possible, the fact that the creators are now collaborating with the fine folks at BBC Earth could make the series even better. Or at least make it easier for the the folks behind it to get paid for their excellent work, an idea that we are 100% in favor of.

(via YouTube)

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