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Roman Polanski Supporters Shouldn’t Be Wearing #TimesUp Pins

Despite the fact that he committed a horrific crime, people have continued to work with Roman Polanski in the years since. And some of his supporters were even seen sporting black outfits and #TimesUp pins at the Golden Globes.

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Wes Anderson’s Japan-Based Isle of Dogs Stars Notable Asian Actors Tilda Swinton & Scarlett Johansson

The trailer for Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs dropped today. It's an adorable looking stop-motion story of a boy searching for his missing dog. It's also a whitewashing mess.

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New Doctor Strange Behind-the-Scenes Clips Confirm Benedict Cumberbatch Was Always the First Choice

Director Scott Derrickson only had only one person in mind for the titular role—Benedict Cumberbatch.

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Wes Anderson Announces Star-Studded Isle of Dogs Cast (Which Could Include You!)

Wes Anderson has officially announced the cast, title, and other details of his upcoming stop-motion film Isle of Dogs. 

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Looking Past the Mask of “Politeness”: Tilda Swinton and Margaret Cho’s Email Exchange

Both Margaret Cho and Tilda Swinton believe the emails about whitewashing in Doctor Strange speak for themselves.

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[UPDATED] Margaret Cho Says Call With Tilda Swinton About Doctor Strange Whitewashing Made Her Feel “Like a House Asian”

It sounds like Swinton was less interested in hearing another perspective and more hoping that Cho would appease and calm down the voices upset and angry at the casting decision.

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What Superhero Fatigue? Doctor Strange Blowing Away International Box Office

If superhero movies are anywhere near losing ground, Marvel's latest entry isn't showing any signs, and it's not even out in the U.S. yet. Overseas, Doctor Strange is knocking down box office predictions for its opening weekend, as well as numbers set by previous Marvel movies like Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy. That bodes well for its overall take and those of us who will get tired of superhero movies when we're tired of superhero comics: never.

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Doctor Strange‘s Director “Was Going to Leave Wong out” but Brought Him Back Due to Whitewashing Concerns

Doctor Strange's Scott Derrickson has once again had to field questions about why Tilda Swinton got cast as The Ancient One, rather than letting that opportunity go to an Asian actor. He responded by bringing up the decision to include the character Wong, which was already a controversial choice for some fans.

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Tilda Swinton Says Doctor Strange Film “Comes From a Very Diverse Place”

Tilda Swinton spoke about her role as the Ancient One in the upcoming film Doctor Strange to Entertainment Weekly recently, where she calls the controversy around her casting a "misunderstanding."

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Things We Saw Today: Dwayne Johnson Cast in Jumanji Remake

Dwayne Johnson announced on Instagram that he's on the team for the Jumanji remake, which begins shooting this fall.

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Orientalism, Whitewashing, and Erasure: Hollywood’s Historic Problem With Asian People

Hollywood has no idea what to do with Asian people. And, given the fact that Hollywood often serves as a reflection of contemporary culture, this is a major problem.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe Gets Strange in the First Doctor Strange Movie Trailer

Looks like someone hit the Inception button.

Marvel's movies have tried to stay pretty grounded so far (as grounded as Thor and the Hulk can be, anyway) and keep everything in the realm of exaggerated science as they build audience trust. With Doctor Strange, though, it looks like we've run out of "where I come from, science and magic are the same" excuses, and Marvel's finally ready to let things get weird.

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Snowpiercer Director Bong Joon-ho & Tilda Swinton Are “Planning More Adventures”

I may not be that excited about Tilda Swinton's upcoming turn in Doctor Strange, but the news that she plans to work with Snowpiercer director Bong Joon-ho on another project? That seems worthy of an curious eyebrow raise, at least.

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Mads Mikkelsen in Early Talks for Villain Role in Doctor Strange

Mads Mikkelsen, fresh off the recent news of his casting in Star Wars: Rogue One, has apparently also just entered early talks to play a villain in the upcoming Doctor Strange movie.

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A Very Cranky Dr. Strange Round-Up: Tilda Swinton’s In; Rachel McAdams Rumored


I have a bad case of Cumberbatch Fatigue. It's due in part to his inexplicable omnipresence in all my favorite genre fiction, but mostly to his unimpressive turn as a white-washed Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness. I'm not here to squeal with fannish excitement about his upcoming starring role in Dr. Strange. I'm here to grumpy-cat my way through the news about his equally clueless cast-mates.

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Interview: Tilda Swinton Talks About Cynicism and Comedy in Trainwreck

Tilda Swinton’s a great actress, unbelievably cool, and I’ve seen her be pretty darn scary and intimidating in more than a few things (after all, she played played Mason in Snowpiercer). But it should be no surprise that in real life, she is a total sweetheart to talk who very quickly put me at ease … the complete opposite of her character in the new film Trainwreck.

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Tilda Swinton Confirms She’s Doctor Strange‘s Ancient One! This Is Not a Drill!

Tilda Swinton in the MCU!

It turns out those rumors were true, folks! Tilda Swinton is excited to play The Ancient One in Marvel's Doctor Strange!

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Things We Saw Today: Miles Morales Is the New Official Marvel Comics Universe Spider-Man

We don't know much about what's happening after Marvel's Secret Wars, but we do know that their main Spider-Man will no longer be Peter Parker - it's going to be Miles Morales. The comic will be drawn by Sara Pichelli, and written by Brian Michael Bendis, who told The New York Daily News, "Our message has to be it’s not Spider-Man with an asterisk, it’s the real Spider-Man for kids of color, for adults of color and everybody else." Now, if only the Cinematic Universe could keep up.

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Gender-Swapped Jones: Nine Leading Ladies We’d Like to See Cast in Iconic Male Action Hero Roles

I recalled a comment that I read on TMS a little while back, to paraphrase it went a little bit like this: ‘Gender swapping is lazy, make your own characters!’ To me this misses the point, gender swapping characters can be a very powerful message about gender stereotyping.

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HOLY TILDA SWINTON! Tilda Swinton in Talks for Marvel’s Doctor Strange

When Pale British Citizens Attack!

We actually haven't had much Doctor Strange movie news lately so you can imagine our surprise when we heard this.

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