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TIFF TV Review: Heroes Reborn is a Pretty Weird Reboot

Probably for the best.

During the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Heroes Reborn, part of the new Primetime Selections, which started just this year at the festival, creator Tim Kring said that his hope for this franchise is to have a series that's elastic enough to allow for new and old characters to inhabit its world.

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TIFF 2015: Room‘s Big Win Wraps Up the Festival

Room is the People's Choice in Toronto as the festival draws to a close.

Room takes home the coveted People's Choice as the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival draws to a close.

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TIFF Interview: Brooklyn Director John Crowley on His Coming-of-Age Tearjerker

The new film Brooklyn has become one to watch for this awards season, not only for the outstanding performance by Saoirse Ronan as Irish immigrant Eilis (although she is pretty phenomenal in the role), but because the gentle period drama about a young woman coming of age is all around good filmmaking that dares audiences to stay dry-eyed.

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TIFF Interview: The Ones Below Writer-Director David Farr on the Loneliness of Urban Parenting in His Creepy Thriller

One of the standout films at this year’s Toronto Film Festival is the dark and lean thriller The Ones Below, a tangled, London set film about two about-to-be parents sharing a duplex.

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TIFF 2015: A Playlist of 15 Memorable Movie Tunes

Featuring Festival tracks from Bowie to Blur to Bruce ...

Join us as we take a trip back over the past ten days of TIFF 2015 with some favo rite tunes and tracks from the movies that impressed us.

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TIFF Interview: Robert Eggers and Anya Taylor Joy Talk The Witch

In 17th century New England, not even a goat can hear you scream.

We had the opportunity to sit down with the man behind The Witch (Robert Eggers) as well as the film's leading lady, Anya Taylor Joy, to discuss their atmospheric entry into this year's TIFF programme. Read on to find out what they had to say about their creepy, Puritanical crowd-pleaser.

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The Mary Sue at TIFF: Freeheld and Colonia

True stories worth telling, but hurt by problematic storytelling.

Colonia and Freeheld were those movies for me at this year’s TIFF, two films I thought could be great…and turned out to be major disappointments.

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The Bechdel Bill is Working to Put the Bechdel Test Into Action

The Bechdel Test may measure the female presence in a film, but in truth, it can't do anything to increase it without others taking action and working to assure that more films find a place for real female characters. That's where The Bechdel Bill, a new organization based out of Toronto, comes in.

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The Mary Sue at TIFF: Summertime and Our Little Sister

Two of the Sweetest and Funniest Films

Two gentle, intimate charmers playing at the Toronto International Film Festival would make for some crowd pleasing theatrical releases…although being foreign language films mean you’ll have to seek them out when and if they get a theatrical release date.

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TIFF Interview: Into the Forest Writer-Director Patricia Rozema Talks the End of the World as We Know It

One of the most surprising and satisfying films at TIFF this year has been a small, intimate film titled Into the Forest. Based on a novel by Jean Hagland, this piece of speculative fiction (not sci-fi) focuses on two sisters, played by Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood, who are left to fend for themselves in their home after the power goes out…and stays out indefinitely.

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The Mary Sue at TIFF: Black Mass and Sicario

Films Show Agents On the Wrong Side of the Law

One of the odd things about film festivals is that you can literally be seeing the premiere of a movie in the city you travel to the same day you would if home.

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TIFF Interviews: The Daughter’s Simon Stone, Paul Schneider, and Geoffrey Rush

TIFF's tragic film The Daughter follows two families, linked by childhood friends Christian and Oliver, who have closer links than originally thought, and it's a strong debut from director Simon Stone. Fortunately, as hard as the film is to watch, stars Schneider and Rush, and writer-director Stone, were far from it during our interview.

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TIFF Interview: Northern Soul, Can You Dig It?

Director Elaine Constantine takes us down the film's long road to release.

To call writer and director Elaine Constantine's look at Northern England's '70s soul-scene a passion project is to redefine the term as we know it. Based loosely on her own experiences growing up in Greater Manchester, Constantine has been developing and working on Northern Soul for the past fifteen years. We sat down with her at TIFF to run down the film's long road to release.

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The Mary Sue at TIFF: Mississippi Grind and The Program

A winner loses and a loser wins.

Two of the movies I personally was most excited about seeing this awards season have been the Sundance hit Mississippi Grind and Lance Armstrong “biopic” The Program.

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For Real This Time, Rachel McAdams Confirmed for Doctor Strange

According to The Wrap, Rachel McAdams revealed at the Toronto Film Festival that she will be starring opposite Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange.

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Things We Saw Today: Patrick Stewart Played Humperdinck in a Live-Read of The Princess Bride


Boy, suddenly I wish I was at TIFF: according to The Hollywood Reporter, Jason Reitman hosted a live-read of The Princess Bride that starred Rob Reiner as The Grandpa, Rachel McAdams as Buttercup, Donald Glover as Vizzini, and Patrick Stewart as Humperdinck. Cary Elwes also reprised his role as Westley, because he does what we wish. […]

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George Clooney Is A-Ok With Ladies Taking Dudes’ Roles

"You’ll see this happening a lot, where they talk about there aren’t a lot of great roles for women. The truth of the matter is there are plenty of these films where you can stop and look and just change the gender and make a really interesting film."

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The Mary Sue at TIFF Reviews: Brooklyn and Incident Light

Two young women capture a time when "options were limited."

The second set of reviews from the festival, and we have two of the best performances from young actress I’ve seen this year.

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The Mary Sue at TIFF: An Interview with Kayla Lorette

Actress-Writer of She Stoops to Conquer

One of the short films playing at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, is a Canadian film by first time director Zack Russell, co-written by comedian Kayla Lorette.

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Natalie Portman Gets Real About Broad City and Those Manic Pixie Dream Girls

While speaking at an event at the Toronto International Film Festival this week, Natalie Portman revealed that she's been rethinking her stance on Garden State after watching an episode of Broad City where the film is lightly bashed.

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