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Amy Adams “Was Prepared” To Talk About The Sony Leaks On The Today Show

When Amy Adams was dropped from The Today Show for refusing to discuss the recent Sony leaks and how they very specifically relate to her American Hustle salary (more specifically, because it was leaked), the producers of the show justified their position by telling the media that they do not allow guests to restrict interviews. But apparently, Adams didn't even really "refuse" in the first place.

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The Today Show Drops Amy Adams Segment After She Refuses to Discuss Sony Hack

The Muppets are judging you, the Today Show.

And here's why she's totally within her rights to refuse to talk about it and The Today Show were being jerks.

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Ass-Kicking Cat Appears on The Today Show

Someone get the keys to the city and a lot of tuna!

Yesterday America went crazy for the cat that saved her human from a dog attack. Today we're finally learning more about the kitty whose furry fury captured the heart of the nation: Tara has begun granting interviews.

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Elaine Stritch Just Said the F Word on The Today Show Because She’s Our Heroine

We mean like "lady hero." We don't want to inject her and listen to jazz music.

89-year-old actor Elaine Stritch is a national treasure who does not give a flying frak about the FCC. To prove it (not that she needed to), she went on The Today Show this morning to plug her upcoming documentary, Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me, and definitely incurred some kind of fine in the process.

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NBC Fires Guy Who Posted That Today Show “What is the Internet?” Video

Last week, a video of an old segment from 1994 on NBC's The Today Show depicted media icons Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric cutely and hilariously trying to figure out what the Internet was. Not long after the video went viral, the original video was mysteriously pulled from YouTube by the person who actually posted it. Shortly after that, Rob Pegoraro sent out a tweet saying NBC fired the guy who posted the amusing, charming video. Both NBC and the poor guy who got canned haven't really commented on the matter, but this is a fairly weird move of NBC--firing a guy who posted a video that was in no way harmful, or even posted in a negative light, and was more just a video showing how much our technology has changed and how quickly we've changed as a society.

(via Techdirt)

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“Can You Explain What Internet Is?” [Video]

Awww. Our adorable past. Archeologists have been able to trace the first known email address addressed to NBC's Today Show, but there's evidence that the concept of email was never fully explained to the show's hosts. Watch as hosts Bryant Gumbel and future CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric try to understand first the "@" symbol as it relates to email, and then "Internet." It should also be noted that Couric has since figured out the Internet (and started using the definite article to refer to it, I assume). (Warming Glow via The Daily What via io9)

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Wizarding World of Harry Potter: A Sneak Preview

We've seen the Super Bowl commercial and the nifty interactive website, but today brings us our first on-the-ground look at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the Harry Potter theme park estimated to open on or around May 28th. Cool shots of rides were notably absent on The Today Show special, but correspondent Kerry Sanders donned his Gryffindor scarf and gave viewers enough footage of the Hogwarts Express and various wizarding shops to sate them for a spell. Video after the jump:

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