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Ass-Kicking Cat Appears on The Today Show

Someone get the keys to the city and a lot of tuna!

Yesterday America went crazy for the cat that saved her human from a dog attack. Today we’re finally learning more about the kitty whose furry fury captured the heart of the nation: Tara has begun granting interviews.

This morning the Cat Crusader and her people, including a nicely recuperating Jeremy Triantafilo, appeared on The Today Show to discuss the video that launched a thousand “who is man’s true best friend?” arguments. Mama Triantafilo explained that Tara has been the family cat for 6 years (longer than her son has been alive) and that the cat is usually¬† “mellow.” The family also shows pictures of Tara being held by Jeremy in a way most self-respecting felines would never allow, so maybe she’s just an exception to the “cats are soulless bastards” school of thought.

While the news anchors debate whether or not Tara has a “lion complex” and should be renamed “Cujo” (highly inappropriate, considering the circumstances) she wanders in and out of frame like one who knows that the spotlight is fleeting and ultimately shallow. Clearly this cat is handling all the media attention as swiftly as she did the canine attacker– with a cool head and ruthless efficiency. And when we grow tired of ceaselessly praising her, she will still be there: enemy of injustice, defender of the weak, and lover of chin-rubs.

(via Jezebel, image via Television Definition on Youtube)

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