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Lev Grossman’s The Magicians and the Mainstreaming of Fan Culture

This is just like magic!

A few weeks ago, the Syfy network announced their plans to adapt Lev Grossman's fantasy trilogy, The Magicians, into an hourlong drama series. The small handful of blogs and online news outlets who covered the story labelled the project "Harry Potter for adults," or else slapped it with a somewhat derisive-sounding "Young Adult fantasy" label. On the surface, it's easy to see how people can mistake The Magicians for any number of other "young people discovering they're mystically special" narrative, but it's a description that is, nevertheless, inaccurate. Now I'm not crazy. I know a story about a group of young adults who attend a magic school and then go traipsing around an alternate universe which can be accessed via an interstitial forest sounds a lot like "Harry Potter/Narnia for adults." But what that description betrays is a failure to understand that Grossman's series isn't a rip-off of either story, but is instead something newer and stranger than that. 

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Exclusive Premiere & Interview: Teal Sherer’s My Gimpy Life Season 2!

The Mary Sue Exclusive

Teal Sherer (of The Guild fame) is back with a second season of her successfully Kickstarted comedy web series, My Gimpy Life, directed by Sean Becker. What new, ridiculous things will people say when they meet our star? Which other "famous types" can we expect to see? Find out in this world premiere of the trailer and then hit the jump for our exclusive chat with Sherer! 

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Teal Sherer Presents: A Very Charlie Brown My Gimpy Life Holiday Greeting [VIDEO]


We were pretty impressed with The Guild's Teal Sherer's comedy webseries, My Gimpy Life. Haven't seen it yet? Check it out now! Season 1 has wrapped so we weren't expecting to see more just yet but today we've got a special holiday surprise - an animated greeting from My Gimpy Life! In a Charlie Brown-esque style no less. Super cute, Teal!

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My First Trip To Dragon*Con Or, That Time I Fell Into Cosplay Quicksand

Here Be Dragons

As a person who attends several pop-culture conventions a year, it's been my yearly goal to try and attend at least one show I haven't been to before. I already did that twice this year with Emerald City Comicon and GeekGirlCon but I figured, what the heck, why not make it a trilogy? So I went to Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia. I'd heard it was crazy. I'd heard it was cosplay central. I wasn't prepared for either. Read on for details about the trip as well as tons of photos!

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Teal Sherer And Felicia Day Discuss Vaginas In The Latest Episode Of My Gimpy Life [VIDEO]

This Exists... Because of A Lady

I finally got the opportunity to meet (and actually hang out with) actress Teal Sherer at GeekGirlCon this past weekend in Seattle and was delighted to find we got along just as well in person as online. Most of you probably know Sherer from her role as Venom on The Guild but she's recently branched out into her own comedic web series titled My Gimpy Life. It's loosely based on her own experiences as a disabled actress living in Los Angeles, and while I may be biased, it's pretty hilarious so far. The latest episode features her Guild co-star and real-life pal, Felicia Day, as they both audition for the same role. Having been on one disability panel with Sherer at GGC and watching her on another I can tell you she's got a great handle on how to educate while being funny and is unapologetic about showing what those of us hear from other people on a daily basis. There's some adult language in this episode, just as a warning. Hit the jump to watch episodes one and two if you haven't already.

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A Lesson In Illustrating Wheelchairs From Someone Who Uses One

Allow Us To Explain

Not too long ago I asked a famous comic book artist to draw me a picture of Oracle and what I got was not at all what I expected. Barbara Gordon was depicted in a hospital wheelchair with a blanket over her legs

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Who’s Cool? The Guild Is, In Their Newest Music Video With Felicia Day!

Almost Totally Excellent

Not everything has to be us versus them but a great song is a great song. I'm the One That's Cool is the latest music video offering from Felicia Day and her crew from her webseries, The Guild. And it should totally be on the radio. I'm serious. It was stuck in my head after about 60 seconds. It may even be destined to surpass their previous Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? song. I'm the One That's Cool debuted on Day's new Geek & Sundry channel, which you can read more about here. Enjoy!

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Felicia Day Launches Geek & Sundry Nerd Network!

Good News Everyone!

You guys! Felicia Day made a channel just for us - geeks! After much teasing, it officially launched today. Hit the jump to find out what Geek & Sundry is all about! 

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EXCLUSIVE: Damsels & Dragons, How You Can Help A Fantasy/Comedy Web Series


We've got a very special treat for you today, readers. How would you like to find out more about a fantasy action/comedy web series about a women's LARP (live-action role play) group? And what about the added bonus of some killer talent? Directed by Greg Aronowitz (The Guild, DragonAge), co-rroduced by America Young (Geek Therapy) and Jessica Mills (Awkward Embraces), and written by Eric Collin Campbell (Geek Therapy, Connect To), it's called Damsels and Dragons and we have an inkling it's up your alley, as it features some strong female characters. The Mary Sue is also proud to be the first to announce the IndieGogo campaign to fund the second season of the series. Now read on and find out all about it! 

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Things We Saw Today: A New 52 Harley Quinn Infographic

Things We Saw Today

Comics Alliance's Tim Leong says something we find to be very true about the New 52's Harley Quinn, and with a beautiful economy of space and color. (Comics Alliance)

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Our Favorite NYCC Cosplay Story: The “Pretty Codex”

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Lisa, whose friends may or may not be calling her Felisa now, gave us our favorite cosplay of the con, simply because the story of what happened when she ran into the actress who designed, made, and wore it. Says Lisa:
It should be noted that all this started in part because so many people, including folks I have only just met, have said, "has anyone ever told you that you look like Felicia Day?" This has gone as far as getting a text message from a friend at DragonCon who saw Felicia Day walking nearby and was seriously confused because he didn't think I was supposed to be there... So, yeah best picture that has ever been taken of me, I think.

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Things We Saw Today: Mythbusting Time Lord

Things We Saw Today

And that is Mythbusters' Grant Imahara as the 10th Doctor. Be still my heart, if that can happen. He probably knows. (at Lyn's Scrap of Nowhere)

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The Top Ten Geek Girls From Television

The Boob Tube

It’s nice to be a television viewer with lady parts in modern times. The rise in the number of female characters over the past few decades has been precipitous; not only that, the shows have increasingly shown these women outside the home, toiling at careers and, in Liz Lemon’s case, using dresses as ham napkins. And with the escalating boldness of writers in depicting women of all stripes, colors, and flaws as primary characters, the geek girl contingent didn’t suffer for lack of great characters. Over the last twenty years, women have been allowed access to geekery, heretofore the sole province of greasy nerds in basements, giving those of us with non-traditional passions a voice and a venue. Hey, sure, we could always use more – but until the next great lady hacks her way into our hearts, here’s a rundown of the 10 best geek girls from television.

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