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Our Favorite NYCC Cosplay Story: The “Pretty Codex”

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Lisa, whose friends may or may not be calling her Felisa now, gave us our favorite cosplay of the con, simply because the story of what happened when she ran into the actress who designed, made, and wore it. Says Lisa:

It should be noted that all this started in part because so many people, including folks I have only just met, have said, “has anyone ever told you that you look like Felicia Day?” This has gone as far as getting a text message from a friend at DragonCon who saw Felicia Day walking nearby and was seriously confused because he didn’t think I was supposed to be there… So, yeah best picture that has ever been taken of me, I think.

Other highlights:

  • Felicia Day called me “the pretty Codex…” She did a double take when she first saw me. I was also mistaken for her five times.” Just about as good as it gets from the lady who wore the costume first.
  • Lisa and Felecia discovered that they’d bought the same gold trim for the costume at the same store in LA’s fashion district.
  • “Also, we showed the picture to my friend’s 7-year-old brother and asked which one was me, and after staring at it for several seconds, he did not choose me. And I was sitting right there.”

I had to admit I spent the rest of NYCC checking each Codex I saw to see if it was Lisa… even though I knew she’d swapped to an orange Rebel pilot’s uniform. Lisa, you’re our cosplay queen of NYCC 2011, and Felicia day should certainly get some props for handling the appearance of a doppleganger without panic.

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